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Samsung Offers Exploded S7 User A Galaxy S9 Replacement – Asked User To Remove Posts

Samsung recently came under fire when a user took to Reddit reporting that his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had caught fire out of the blue. The update regarding the incident came in today. And after careful investigation, the user has reported that Samsung has agreed to replace the user with a Galaxy S9, no strings attached.

After they were done with the altercations, Samsung asked the user to remove the posts in an effort to remove trolls reporting about fake explosions to their social media outlets and email. While the story has been blown up by a number of media outlets covering the issue, the user was able to pick up a new Samsung Galaxy S9. He said,

Samsung called me today. They explained that the reason they wanted me to remove the posts was to prevent others from making unfounded/fraudulent claims. Apparently, they’ve had people grab damaged Note 7 pictures from legitimate complaints on Twitter and email them pretending their phones have burned up and asking for a replacement. – u/rokhana

This isn’t the first time Samsung has come under fire. In fact, the Note 7 debacle has to be among the most infamous disasters for Samsung itself. Given how much time has passed since, it seems like any Galaxy device explosion could weep into Samsung’s faces again, especially with a single case involving the Note 9 following the same fate.

Soon after the Note 7 debacle, Samsung began showcasing ads/videos that showed how much Samsung has improved on its quality control standards. Let’s hope that this remains as a single isolated case.

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