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EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Rep Talks About The Galaxy S10 & More Triple-Camera Phones In 2019

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is said to to be one of the most polarizing next year. With the S10 continuing to leak through the cracks, it seems like the leaks aren’t about to slow down any time soon as we head into the final quarter of 2018.

Leaks and rumors have so far indicated a ton of details (and a few concepts) regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10 so far. Just to mention a few as a refresher, we know that the codename for the Galaxy S10 is beyond and that the S10 would come in three variants. Each variant is said to pack a different camera setup ranging from a single camera lens on the beyond 0 to an actual triple camera setup on the beyond 2.

We had the chance to speak to one of the reps at Samsung regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10 and how the newly announced Galaxy A7 would impact the future for Samsung. Do note though, the Samsung rep we spoke to simply provided his stance on the subject and wanted to remain anonymous. Here’s a few questions from our session with him.

GeeksULTD Q. The Galaxy A7 is the first Samsung phone to sport a triple camera setup at its back, something that Samsung would never had done with the A series since it’s pivoted for the mid-range market…

It seems like Samsung did this just to experience what’s possible with a triple camera setup for the S10 as a stepping stone given that the rumors are accurate… Do you believe so?

Honestly, this never come across my mind, but yeah, I think it would be the perfect strategy to test the phone and see how the market reacts to the A7, and it’s also a good way for them to improve on the camera quality/functions if the A7 doesn’t stand out, but rumour-wise I don’t know.

GeeksULTD Q. How do you believe Samsung is willing to push the triple camera setup with upcoming devices? Do you believe that this is a one off thing just to gather intel for the S10 and that Samsung would never re-iterate on again or do you believe that Samsung is going to release a few more budget phones with a triple camera setup in the near future?

Few more budget phones with triple camera setup could be coming because Samsung will always be evolving and they would want to let in all people with different status and experience the triple camera setup, but of course, it this doesn’t work out they’re gonna scratch it off and it can potentially be a one off thing, so its all experimentation in my opinion.

A few minutes later, he then added a few words regarding the iPhone. He further added:

It’s better to risk something than not do it at all, the iPhone is not risking anything atm [at the moment] that’s why they’re slowly falling short.

GeeksULTD Q. Samsung has a new event next month, I mean a whole separate event for the A7 [Now expected to be the A9] right after the launch of the Pixel 3XL and LG V40, why is that? Isn’t this just another budget phone?

Its nothing special because they wanted to turn their A series into a premium phone.

GeeksULTD Q. How about the colors, it seems like Samsung is going trendy ever since they launched the Note 7… If I’m not mistaken, with the Note 7 and ahead, Samsung released a number of phones with really trendy colors. Traditionally, they’ve always released devices with subtle, business-like colors such as grey and black.

In my opinion, the colours are based on the phones natural positioning. The S9 is more leisure, while the Note 9 is more [about] productivity (business) that’s why you see a more darker colour. The S9 with its purple gives a more free and vibrant feel.

That’s why they’re going gonna be a more bold choice. It’s very simple. It’s all risk and experimenting. It’s different now for this generation.


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