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Sony Announces The PlayStation Classic – A Mini PS1 Pre-loaded With 20 Games & 45% Smaller Body

Nintendo and Sony have definitely been sharing quite a few cues with each another lately. From Nintendo announcing their own Nintendo Switch Fortnite bundle to now Sony announcing the PlayStation Classic. While the two of the companies have their differences, I think many OGs from the gaming community would love to see what Sony has in store too with the PlayStation classic.

As you may have noticed, the PlayStation Classic is a mini PlayStation 1 pre-loaded with 20 games. Alongside that, the PlayStation Classic shells itself in a 45% smaller footprint compared to the original PlayStation 1 and is set to kick butt for the enthusiastic retro gaming community.

Since a ton of the connectors the original PlayStation 1 are now outdated, the PlayStation Classic includes a single HDMI port at the back as well as two DualShock 1 controller ports at the front for that nostalgic vibe that many older gamers may really want to have a feel for after all this time.

However, what’s worth noting is that the PlayStation Classic does not have a power cable included within the box and is powered by a single USB Type A connector that’s capable of outputting 5V/1A.

The classic console is expected to retail for about $99.99 depending on the region and is currently available for pre-order. The console is expected to start shipping by December the 3rd. Other regions may have to check their local stores for full details regarding availability in their region.



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