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Telltale Games Promises To Complete Walking Dead

The folks over at Telltale Games have just announced that they haven’t completed ceased all of their operations. While they had revealed that they would be keeping about 25 employees on duty, it seems like the folks over at Telltale Games have decided to complete Walking Dead before they cease completely.

In a Twitter post today, the devs confirmed the new stating that their partners are eager to see how the game would end. Being a story driven title released in episodes periodically, a lot of its fans felt disheartened when they heard that they won’t be able to complete the season and find the outcome of it.

Telltale Games has promised to released to release episode 2 by tomorrow on all platforms and release episode 3 and 4 soon too. However, given the literature they used to describe episode 3 and 4’s release, we’re skeptical about how confiendent the folks over at Telltale Games are. There’s no news on when episode 3 and 4 would make it, but Telltale Games says that it would be completed and released in “some form”. They said

Hi everyone, we have a Walking Dead update for you. Multiple potential partners have stepped forward to express interest in helping to see The Final Season through to completion. While we can’t make any promises today, we are actively working towards a solution that will allow episodes 3 and 4 to be completed and released in some form. In the meantime, episode 2 will release tomorrow across all platforms as planned. We hope to have answers for your other questions soon. – Telltale Games

Given that this the last season, this had to be the most disheartening end for the developers themselves as well for the folks who invested into the game. We would suspect that this would help the folks over at Telltale fulfill their obligations before completely shutting down.

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