The Crew 2 Gets The Gator Rush Update – Introduces Hovercraft & Photo & PC Benchmark Tool

The first major update for The Crew 2 as promised before the launch of the game. The Gator Rush update is introducing some excellent content to the table. From the new hovercraft to a number of new events that players would be able to compete in.

The highlight of this update has to be the introduction of hovercrafts. Hovercrafts are the centerpiece of this update and are impossible to be overlooked. Not could you take the hovercraft for a race on mud or water, but the hovercraft could tear through roads too which makes it an excellent versatile option for all sorts of terrains. For now, players would be able to experience the all-new Proto Hovercraft 3 – XK Armored with this update.

In addition to that, The Crew 2 is about to pump up the heat too. Ace Challenges are making their way to The Crew 2 featuring over 130+ challenges down the line. Players who compete would be able to unlock some legendary parts and improve their cars with Legendary classed loots.

Events are also about to get fired up. With this update, expect 10 new events to spring up across the map deciding what you want to adorn yourself with. There’s a total of 10 events out of which 3 are dedicated towards Hypercars, 3 Touring, 3 Jetsprint and 1 Live Xtrem Series episode if that’s your jam.

Players who’ve purchased the Season Pass could immediately jump in and experience these new tycoons before everyone else. In addition to that, players would also purchase or earn these new hovercrafts as they play the game. Players who do update their game and continue to enjoy the landscape and races would be able to redeem their own off-road Ariel Nomad Rally Raid car.

Lastly, the most notable features making their way with this update are the new Photo mode tool as well as the PC benchmarking tool. Not only would these two tools help you create those amazing screenshots, but with the help of the PC benchmarking tool you’d be able to benchmark your PC’s performance in a very standardized manner.

Players who haven’t bought the season pass would have to wait until October the 3rd.

Here are the patch notes for update v1.1.0 that details all of the fixed patched with this update.

PC (643125) / PS4 & XBOX ONE (643325)


  • Skills
    • [Added] 10 news skills
    • [Improved] Various improvements for world skills, including for instance ghost or interrupted completion issues.
  • Photo Ops
    • [Added] New Offroad photo ops set
    • [Fixed] Some Photo Ops are difficult/impossible to complete in certain circumstances.
  • Events
    • [Added] 20 new events (some of these events require a certain fame level):
      • 10 Hovercraft events
        • “Gator Rush Introduction Hovercraft” (Star)
        • “Gold Rush Hovercraft” (Star)
        • “Lake Michigan Hovercraft” (Star)
        • “Glacier Park Squadx Event Hovercraft” (Icon 1)
        • “Glacier Park Tiger Tonic Event Hovercraft” (Icon 1)
        • “Lake Michigan By Night Hovercraft” (Icon 1)
        • “Gator Rush Main Event Hovercraft” (Icon 10)
        • “Bayou Hovercraft” (Icon 10)
        • “Glacier Park Hovercraft” (Icon 10)
        • “Lake Michigan Endurfix Event Hovercraft” (Icon 10)
      • 3 Hypercar events
        • “Hollywood Hypercar” (Star)
        • “Bronx Hypercar” (Star)
        • “White Rocks Hills Hypercar” (Icon 1)
      • 3 Touring Car events
        • “Golden Hills Everyzon Track Touring Car” (Popular)
        • “The Giants Chaebung Cup Touring Car” (Famous)
        • “Jersey Everyzon Track Touring Car” (Star)
      • 3 Jetsprint events
        • “Crown Of Maine Jetsprint” (Popular)
        • “The Swamp Jetsprint” (Famous)
        • “Dakota Stormx Event Jetsprint” (Star)
      • 1 Live Xtrem Series event
        • “Live Xtrem Series – September Spectacular ” (Icon 10)
  • [Improved] Review of events to resolve existing level design issues, including for instances floating elements, incorrect collisions etc.
  • AI
    • [Added] Ace difficulty mode
    • [Improved] Improved AI behavior in Hypercar discipline.
    • [Improved] Re-balancing of certain events difficulty.
    • [Improved] Overall improvement of AI behavior, both during events or in traffic, including various path finding and collision issues.
  • Loot
    • [Added] Legendary loot parts and Set Bonus
    • [Fixed] Loot may sink under water in certain circumstances
    • [Improved] Balancing of drop rates for specific events
  • Shop
    • [Fixed] Ubisoft Club content does not appear in game after redeeming the reward during the current session.
    • [Added] Added Season Pass, Vehicle bundles and Crew Credit packs in “Far & Beyond” shops in HQs.
  • World
    • [Added] Added “Live-Battle: coming soon” tent (PvP) in HQs
    • [Fixed] Various Level design & traffic pathing issues
  • Fast-Fav
    • [Fixed] Player cannot use Fast-Fav Menu when ghost is spawned on player’s vehicle during water skills.
    • [Fixed] Crash cam is triggered after performing specific Fast-Fav sequence in Freedrive.
    • [Fixed] Vehicle velocity is not properly set after Fast-Fav.
    • [Fixed] Inverted Flight detection in Fast-Fav.
  • Exploits
    • [Fixed] Player is able to exploit water and ground jump highlights using trains or boats.
    • [Fixed] Player can “bank” his followers by opening and closing a Highlight ticket.
    • [Fixed] Capping is not present for both Looping and Outside Looping Freestyle dynamics.
    • [Fixed] Capping is not present for Immelmann freestyle dynamics figures.
    • [Fixed] “The Accident” event, rewards re-balancing and checkpoint detection glitch.



  • Textures
    • [Fixed] Various missing or incorrect textures and animations.
  • UI/Interface
    • [Added] Addition of Odometer in game pause menu and in vehicle dashboard.
    • [Improved] Various UI and interface improvements.
    • [Improved] Added progression % to Xtrem Live Series family tickets
  • Sounds
    • [Fixed] Gearshift sound behavior improvement for automatic and semi-automatic transmissions
    • [Fixed] Various missing or incorrect effects and voice-overs
    • [Fixed] Radio channel is not saved when the player quits and relaunches the game.
  • Localization
    • [Fixed] Various missing or incorrect localization elements.
  • Features: Photo/video editor
    • [Added] In-game photo mode sharing on The Crew Hub website.
    • [Fixed] Various missing or incorrect camera, save cuts and effects.




  • Hovercrafts
    • [Added] Proto BumbleBEEX
    • [Added] Proto Double L-EEX
    • [Added] Proto Speedster
  • Vehicle drop September
    • [Added] Available in Early Access until 03/10 – Proto XK Armored
    • [Added] Available in Early Access until 03/10 – Ariel Nomad



  • Pro-Settings
    • [Fixed] Pitch/roll stiffness issue on hovercraft
    • [Fixed] Weight distribution issue with Powerboats
    • [Fixed] Plane reactivity issue for Zivko & Slick
  • Ground vehicles
    • [Fixed] Tire skid marks are visible ahead of the vehicle when the player drives any vehicle on Bonneville Salt Flats.
  • [Fixed] Reduced Follow 1 & 2 cameras high speed shakes on Touring and Alpha GP disciplines.
  • [Fixed] Suspension instability on a few cars when rear suspension settings were set to the Max in Pro Settings.
  • [Fixed] Some vehicles are capable to climb on a steep mountain or building with a 90-degree angle incline.
  • [Fixed] Excessive rolling resistance of sand surface for specific cars (ie: Lamborghini Aventador Hypercar or Mercedes 300SLR Touring)
  • [Fixed] Player is unable to go backward in some events’ entry doors for ground vehicles.
  • [Fixed] Various cases of vehicles going into the ground in city alleys.
  • [Improved] Improvement on ground vehicle camera behavior when jumping and landing. Sometimes called “Magnet effect”, it gave the impression that gravity was cheated.
  • Powerboats
    • [Fixed] Missing upside/down crash-cams.
    • [Fixed] Incorrect max speed while trimming for some Powerboats.
  • Boats
    • [Fixed] Boats can dive underwater if the player opens world map during High Tides.
  • Bikes
    • [Fixed] In Manual gear mode, all Bikes would start the race in Neutral Gear instead of 1st Gear.
    • [Fixed] Incorrect camera behavior when performing stoppies on bikes.
    • [Fixed] Various unfair crash-cam triggers.
    • [Fixed] Bike wheels are spinning in place while the world map in open.
  • Helicopter
    • [Fixed] Helicopter starts flying even if kept idle after any transition screen is triggered (e.g.: Main Menu, Photo Mode & Live replay)
  • Monster Trucks
    • [Fixed] Player may remain stuck under ramps.
    • [Fixed] The vehicle loses too much speed during jumps
    • [Fixed] The vehicle loses too much speed during jumps
  • WACO – YMF-5D Super 5 (AB)
    • [Fixed] The vehicle stalls too much during an Outside Looping in Xtrem Mode.
  • Ducati – Monster 1200 S (RR)
    • [Improved] Improved Ducati Monster 1200 S Raid performances at Max V-lvl.
  • McLaren – P1 (HC)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect track width when installing wide front bumper
  • Ford – F-150 SVT RAPTOR (ST)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect rear tires position.
  • Nissan – 370Z (Z34) (RR)
    • [Fixed] Vehicle is not slowing down when driving through water sections.



  • Bikes
    • [Fixed] Avatar hands position is misplaced on the handle of all cruiser bikes
  • Abarth – 124 spider (SR)
    • [Fixed] Missing chassis parts.
  • Acura – NSX (SR)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect RearWing03 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • Alfa Romeo – 4C
    • [Fixed] Incorrect material element on the front grid.
  • PROTO – Alpha MARK II
    • [Fixed] Avatar Gloves clips through the vehicle windshield when in free drive.
  • Audi – R8 Coupé V10 plus (SR)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect Skirt02 and Skirt03 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
    • [Fixed] Incorrect rear stoplights are used.
    • [Fixed] Missing action slots for opening and closing the windows.
  • BMW – M2 (SR)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect Bumper02 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • BMW – M4 (SR)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect FrontBumper02 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • BMW – X6 M (SR)
    • [Fixed] Modelization issue around fuel filler flap.
  • Cadillac – Eldorado Brougham (SR)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect Frontfender00 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • Chevrolet – CAMARO SS (TC)
    • [Fixed] Unable to action window.
  • Dodge – CHALLENGER SRT-8 392 (SR)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect Rear bumper 04 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
    • [Fixed] Unable to modify calipers color.
  • Dodge – CHARGER R/T HEMI
    • [Fixed] Incorrect rear lights behavior.
  • Dodge – CHARGER SRT-8 (RX)(SR)
    • [Fixed] Missing deformation on default parts.
  • Dodge – CHARGER R/T HEMI (RX)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect texture for Skirt 01 should be Black Matte instead of paint color.
  • Ferrari – 458 SPECIALE
    • [Fixed] Missing empty rear wing.
  • Ford F-150SVT RAPTOR EVO2
    • [Fixed] Missing deformation on default parts.
  • Ford – F-150 SVT RAPTOR (ST)
    • [Fixed] Rear wheels and dampers are displayed through vehicle body while driving offroad.
  • Volkswagen – GOLF GTI
    • [Fixed] Missing deformation on the rear windshield after impact.
  • Harley Davidson – IRON 883™
    • [Fixed] Missing speed selector on the Fairings 01, 02, 03.
    • [Fixed] Incorrect light behavior when moving airplane tail light.
  • Honda – CIVIC TYPE R (SR)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect Sidemirror03 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • Jaguar – C-X75
    • [Fixed] Incorrect RearWing05 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
    • [Fixed] Missing speedometer needle on the dashboard.
  • Kawasaki KX450F
    • [Fixed] Incorrect paint texture.
  • Kawasaki – GPZ 900R “NINJA”
    • [Fixed] Incorrect spelling for “Horn” on the handlebars.
  • Koenigsegg – AGERA R
    • [Fixed] Incorrect rear lights behavior.
    • [Fixed] Caliper is clipping through the break disk.
    • [Fixed] Missing Caliper color option from vehicle customization menu.
    • [Fixed] (SR) Incorrect Skirt01 and Skirt02 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • Lamborghini – HURACÁN LP610-4 (SR)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect RearWing03 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • Lamborghini – MIURA SV (SR)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect RearBumper01 and RearBumper02 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • Lotus – EXIGE S (RX)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect middle front lights behavior.
  • Mazda – RX7
    • [Fixed] (DF) Missing deformation on FrontFenders02 and RearFenders02.
    • [Fixed] (SR) Missing deformation on FrontFenders01 and RearFenders01.
  • McLaren – F1 (HC)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect RearFender01 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • Mini – COOPER S 2010 (RX)(SR)
    • [Fixed] Missing deformation on several parts.
    • [Fixed] Missing car paint in the rear logo.
    • [Fixed] Incorrect brake lights behavior.
    • [Fixed] (DF) Incorrect Bumper faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • Pilatus – PC-21
    • [Fixed] Incorrect camera position when using fast-fav.
  • Porsche – 911 Turbo 3.6
    • [Fixed] Incorrect Frontbumper05 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • Porsche – 911 GT3 RS (SR)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect SideMirror01 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
  • Red Bull – RB 13
    • [Fixed] Incorrect RPM counter in Cockpit view
    • [Fixed] Incorrect placement of rear night omni light.
  • RUF – CTR-3
    • [Fixed] Incorrect Skirt01 faces identification when trying to customize livery.
    • [Fixed] Incorrect RearLight01 behavior.
  • Saleen – S7R / Saleen – S7 TWIN-TURBO
    • [Fixed] The grid around the exhausts is not displayed while playing in cockpit view.
    • [Fixed] (Touring) While driving Offroad, carbon parts of the dashboard are covered with dirt.



  • PS4
    • [Fixed] TV screen scaling issue.
  • Performance/Optimization
    • [Added] PC Benchmarking tool, allowing players to better define their in-game settings based on their computer configuration.
    • [Improved] Various performance and optimizations.
  • Coop/online
    • [Improved] Various coop improvements to increase online stability.
    • [Fixed] When free-driving with friends, traffic cars may have a strange behavior, especially on bridges and in high speed curves.
    • [Fixed] Inconsistencies between friend’s leaderboards.




  • [Added] Added mouse sensitivity sliders to controls.
  • [Improved] Various keyboard mapping and PC controls improvements



  • Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ
    • [Fixed] Incorrect control icons.
    • [Fixed] Missing default button mapping.
  • Fanatec CSL Elite
    • [Fixed] “Wheel Controls” settings from Game settings appear grayed out even when wheel is the primary controller
  • Logitech G27
    • [Fixed] Incorrect force feedback periodicity and/or too light.
  • Logitech G29
    • [Fixed] Improved compatibility and implementation.
    • [Fixed] Damper Force is too high while stopped.
    • [Fixed] Important device deadzone with pedals.
    • [Fixed] Game would crash after triggering a crash-cam at high speed with a traffic car.
  • Steam controller
    • [Fixed] Missing controller vibrations.
  • Thrustmaster BT LED Display
    • [Added] Added support for Thrustmaster BT LED Display
  • Thrustmaster GTE 458
    • [Fixed] Thumbnail for moving and rotating the camera is missing in the Photomode
  • Thrustmaster SPARCO MOD Handbrake
    • [Fixed] Incorrect Symbol present for Handbrake/Gear Shifter in Key Mapping Menu.
  • Thrustmaster T100
    • [Fixed] Few periodic force feedback are not triggered or are too low for THRUSTMASTER T100
  • Thrustmaster T150
    • [Fixed] Incorrect force feedback periodicity at maximum settings.
  • Thrustmaster T500 RS
    • [Fixed] Incorrect Fast-fav button mapping.
  • Thrustmaster T80
    • [Fixed] Stick cannot be used to turn vehicles on DS4 when paired with T-80.
    • [Fixed] Missing default button mapping.
  • Thrustmaster TMX Pro
    • [Fixed] Important device deadzone is present in throttle, brake and clutch pedals.
  • Top Drive Free Bird and Twin Wheel F1
    • [Added] Added support for Top Drive Free Bird and Twin Wheel F1
  • Thrustmaster TSS Handbrake
    • [Fixed] Handbrake mode is not supported.


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