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Ubisoft Offers Jobs For The Abandoned Telltale Game Team – Might Pave The Way For New Story-Driven Titles

The folks over at Ubisoft San Francisco have invited the Telltale team for dinner.  According to Ubisoft, they are willing to take in some of these developers for a number of openings within the company.

Sad news emerged this morning that Telltale Games, the studio behind The Walking Dead and a number of other titles finally disclosed that they are ceasing all operations, inevitably, laying most of their staff off. Telltale Games did confirm that the company would remain in operation for a few months now with about twenty employees. However, they’re there just to complete the company’s formalities before they completely cease all operations.

According to Google, over 310 people were employed at Telltale games. Since most of them have now been laid off, this would be a great time for them to expand their relations and eventually join up with Ubisoft San Francisco.

The studio, Telltale Games, was very well known for their story-driven titles, often involving a series of episodes released periodically. While they were very well known for their excellence in the field, that never translated into sales for them. Now with the company now out of business, I would be interested to see if Ubisoft decides to keep the story-driven vibe that these Telltale Game employees bring along with them alive. Hopefully, we could see another story-driven title from these folks soon again.

Does Ubisoft plan to launch Telltale-like games in the future with their new employee coming on board, let’s hope so that they do.

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