Xiaomi Offers Mi Notebook, Mi 8 & Mi Band 3 Combos Named After Apple’s New iPhones

Talk about savage with these Chinese brands. Brands like Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus have been killing the game in the mid-range market throughout Asia. Often the reason why these brands have a chance to compete with the top of the game is simply by offering their devices at enticing prices, often at half the prices of the expensive flagships.

Xiaomi recently has announced a few combos named after Apple’s new lineup of iPhones. Dubbed as the XS Max and XS set, Xiaomi is offering quite a deal for the buck. These sets were definitely named after Apple’s new lineup of iPhones. While they do throw a ton of shade, this simply shows what you could actually pickup for the same amount of cash, impressive indeed.

For $1269 (¥ 8699), Xiaomi’s offering their Mi MiX2S 8GB/256GB, the Mi Band 3, their new 13.3-inch Mi Notebook Air and their in-house Bluetooth headset for the same price as an iPhone XS.

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On the other hand, for $1399 (¥ 9599), you could could pickup the XS Max set that consists of the new Mi 8 6GB/128GB, the new Mi Notebook Pro, Xiaomi’s in-house Bluetooth collar headset and the new Mi Band 3 all for the price of the XS Max.

Now, the phones included in these sets aren’t any slouch either. Both the Mi 8 and MiX 2S offer some of the best internals in the smartphone market. They both sport a Snapdragon 845 SoC, upto 8GB RAM and a ton of storage based on your preferences.

For now, the set is only available in China. Given how expansive Xiaomi has been in China, it’s likely that these deals would remain in China only. However, if you do intend to pick these devices up separately, you could do that too without paying too much of a premium over these Chinese retail prices.

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