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Xiaomi Partnered With Epic Games To Optimize Fortnite For Their Devices

Xiaomi definitely has quite a rainbow colored history of releasing incredible phones for great prices. Their most recent announcements, the Mi 8 Pro and Mi 8 Lite continue upon that success and bring some incredible offers to the table. Both of their new entries make it clear that Xiaomi is clearly taking the gaming appeal seriously, especially with the introduction of Fortnite on Android.

With the announcement of the Mi 8 Pro and Mi 8 Lite, Xiaomi quickly added a few lines regarding their co-operation with the likes of Tencent and Epic Games. In the press release, Xiaomi clearly mentioned that they’ve worked with Epic Games to optimize titles based on their Unreal Engine. Xiaomi said,

In addition [ to our cooperation with Tencent ], Xiaomi also worked with Epic Games to improve the performance, graphics and power efficiency of games based on the Unreal Engine. – Xiaomi

Given that Fortnite is limited to devices with SoCs that go as far back to the Snapdragon 820, it’s unlikely that the Fortnite optimizations apply to the Mi 8 Lite and other Xiaomi devices that sport budget processors based off of what we could see. The folks over at Epic Games clearly mentioned that they’ve limited the device list strictly due to the lack of draw calls on budget devices. This means that devices sporting a Snapdragon 820, 821, 835 and 845 are only supported, essentially nothing older than the Mi 5 from 2016.

Given how successful the Fortnite has been over the past year, it only makes sense for Xiaomi to expand its reach and work with the folks over at Epic Games to optimize the game for their devices.

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