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75% Of Pixel Users Upgraded To Android 9 Pie, Says Google’s Rick Osterloh

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Google’s latest iteration of Android, Android Pie, has been out for a while now. Following the success Apple touts with every launch about how well they’ve managed to keep their devices up to date, Google’s Rick Osterloh decided to give his own opinions following a report by Android Authority. The report said that over half of Apple’s iPhones now run the latest version of iOS, iOS 12. In a tweet, following Android Authority’s post, he said:

Pixel users upgrade to new Android releases very quickly; >75% of Pixel users are on the terrific Android Pie release, and more are updating every day.

With Google deciding to join the race themselves, Google finally had a chance to showcase their vision for Android, a vision that had initially been fragmented across a horizon of manufacturers and their devices. Since the release of the first Pixel, Google has remained on top of their game and commitment to update their Pixel lineup with security patches as well as Android version updates.

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Google’s Rick Osterloh, one of the heads at Google who has been a familiar face from all the Google launches, caught the attention of the news and decided to break the stereotype that suggests that the Android community is fragmented.

If someone would ask for our opinion, that’s a completely valid point. Google is as responsible for their devices as Apple is with their iPhone and iPad lineup. As far as Google’s user base is concerned, Google has lived up to its promise has shown the rest of the pack what it means to keep on top of the game far into the life of the device.

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Given that each manufacturer has the option to take over Android and add their favorite sugarcoating on top of it, it would be impossible for Google to keep everything in check as well as take responsibility for software updates that they haven’t curated. Google’s Android One project is an excellent example of this and has been receiving major update now and then which is quite relieving.


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