Market Demand For 8K TVs Expected To Surge By 9900% By 2020 – Reports Suggest 400K Units To Shipped

It seems 8K TVs are expected to surge the market according to a report by the folks over at IHS Markit. The research firm has reported and is expecting to see the first wave of 8K users beginning next year. The market is expected to boost the adoption rate of 8K displays from 20,000 units shipped in 2018 to 2 Million units by the end of 2020. To put that into perspective, that’s about a 9900% increase from the 20,00 units shipped by the end of 2018.

Market Demand For 8K TVs Expected To Surge By 9900% By 2020 - Reports Suggest 400K Units To Shipped 3

The research firm also noted that a lot of these upcoming premium TVs would be seeing increases too alongside the introduction of 8K TVs from major brands. Based on the graph above, we could depict about 400k units shipped in the favor of the 8K majority. Following that, the demand for 8K TVs would continue to surge by another 400% by the end of 2020.

Certainly, 8K TVs are going to be the way to go for most enthusiastic customers and an excellent choice for those who want to purchase large displays. We’ve seen 8K displays in the past and how companies are willing to adapt to customer’s needs. Eventually, as we head into 2019, we would start to see a number of shifts in the TV market. In fact, we had the chance to sit down with the folks over at Asus and Viewsonic and have a chat with them regarding 8K. At the time, Dell was the lone distributor responsible for the majority of 8K displays sold. While Asus did reject to give any comment on the subject regarding 8k displays, Viewsonic did show some hope regarding the future of 8k and how the company plans to roll on in the near future. In an interview with us, Viewsonic said.

–  ViewSonic was one of the 2 brands to introduce 4K monitors in the market back 4 years ago. ViewSonic is committed to investing in future display technology, including gaming monitors. We also show cased 8K monitors in CES this year.

–  Gaming monitors will follow the same roadmap direction. The key is availability of 8K games, and the associated graphic card. This is one of the major tracking item in our gaming monitor roadmap.

–  As immersive gaming is the fastest growing segment in gaming, we have been putting significant attention to larger screen sizes. Our approach is a little bit different from (and better than) others, but yes, large format gaming display is under cooking. – Viewsonic

With the current state of 4K and 8K, 4K seems to be the better option for now given that there’s tons of content to support and the fact that the prices of 4K TVs have dropped over the years. Not only are 4K  displays a more viable option nowadays, but they should be just as great for the next half-decade or so if you decide to pick up a TV with a decent panel from the likes of Samsung, LG or Sony. On top of that, let’s not forget that 8K essentially packs 4x the pixels of a 4K panel and 16x the pixels of a standard 1080p panel. Not is content scarce at this very moment, but driving a 33MP shot continuously on a display with each refresh would require some heavy power.

Certainly, these numbers look crunchy. But given how 8K is in its infancy stages right now, we’re expecting the price to come down considerably by 2020.

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