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CS:GO Receives A Halloween Makeover – Cobblestone Dressed For The Occasion

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Ibtehaj Temuri
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The CSGO Halloween update is here and it seems that Valve has finally started to care for its long lost child. Halloween is right around the corner and with various other games chiming into the whole theme, Valve has decided to give CSGO some flair. With games such as PUBG and Fortnite reaching for the horizon, Valve is making sure that they don’t get overshadowed by all the buzz.

First and foremost is the change of the homepage background when the game is launched. It has shifted from “Nuke” to the updated “Cobblestone” map.  Cobblestone itself has received a complete overhaul offering the complete Halloween look and feel with graves and candles spread throughout the map. One more change which is noticeable in terms of gameplay is that you can now climb back up from “Drop” or “Skyfall”.

Moreover, now players can torment their enemies from the grave as a ghost in classic modes, meet up with other dead players and even play around the map using the fictional knife provided. The night mode really adds depth to the map and gives fun-filled Halloween vibes. One cannot think about Counter-Strike without the chickens and yes, the chickens have already dressed up for the occasion so what are you waiting for?


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