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Fortnite iOS Revenue Hits $300 Million & $60 Million on Android – Rakes In $1.5 Million/Day

Fortnite has been an absolute bomb ever since it released late last year in an attempt to jump onto the PUBG bandwagon. The folks over at Sensor Tower have released some major news regarding the game and how well the game has been performing over the six months or so on iPads and iPhones. According to the research firm, Fortnite has raked in over $300 Million in revenue for the developers behind the game, Epic Games.

Fortnite iOS Revenue Hits $300 Million & $60 Million on Android - Rakes In $1.5 Million/Day 6

If you aren’t impressed yet, to put that into perspective, that’s $1.5 Million per day since it’s initial launch on the Apple’s App Store. If you need even more context, that’s about $62,500 per hour, $1042 per minute, and about $17.36 per second. And these numbers have been extracted for a single platform out of the dozens of platforms Fortnite is available on. That’s another $100 Million under Fortnite’s name in less than 2 months on iPhones and iPads. Do note, on iOS, Fortnite is available on devices iPhone 6S and up.

In contrast, on Android, the game has grossed over $60 Million as an invite-only title during its time in beta since August the 9th (about 56 days till now) as a limited-time Samsung exclusive, raking in about $1 Million a day. To put that into a similar context, that’s about $1.07 Million per day, $44,642 an hour, $744 per minute and about $12.40 per second. That’s about 40% difference between the two platforms keeping in mind that the Android version of the game is still brewing in beta and is only available for a limited number of devices. Once it does go live for the rest of the Android devices, we should be expecting better results out of the Android ecosystem for Fortnite.
Fortnite iOS Revenue Hits $300 Million & $60 Million on Android - Rakes In $1.5 Million/Day 7

What’s worth mentioning is that Apple takes a certain amount of cut for every transaction made in-game. This means that the $300 Million may well be the total amount of sales, not the net revenue the folks at Epic Games are raking in. We’ve reached out to Sensor Tower, to give us a fuller context of the story. If they get back to us, we’ll add that here.

In other news, also read how Epic plans to introduce sub-region matchmaking to Fortnite for better network connectivity and aid in congestions. So far, Epic has rolled out sub-region matchmaking for Singapore, NA-East and Europe. Do expect other regions to be added done the line as well.

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