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Fortnite’s Spooky Pumpkin Launcher Expected To Make A Reappearance

Fortnite’s classy old Pumpkin Launcher is starting to make headlines recently. It seems like with the upcoming Fortnite event, Fortnite ares, Epic Games is planning to reintroduce the Pumpkin Launcher. According to trusty FNBRleaks, the Pumpkin Launcher is making a re-entry really soon. In a tweet he said…

Looks like the Pumpkin Launcher will make a re-appearance in the Fortnitemares 2018 Patch from this tweet!

The Pumpkin Launcher made its first appearance last year following the October holiday season last year. With the incredible rise in Fortnite’s popularity, this year, Epic Games have been teasing a new event for Halloween dubbed as Fortnitemares.

The Pumpkin Launcher originally came in two rarities, Epic and Legendary. They both dealt about 116 and 121 HP damage along with upto 394 and 413 damage to structures. They also featured 87 and 90.75 DPS and as usual, utilize rocket ammo to deal some major damage. Whether Epic plans to revamp the Pumpkin Launcher this year is yet to be seen. But considering how active Epic Games is at making various tweaks to weapons in the game, it’s only likely that Epic may tweak the classy rocket from last year.

Overall, Fortnite Season 6 seems to be a very good launch so far. Given that Season 6 is all about evil and darkness and how Fortnite has surged in popularity over the past year, we’re hoping to see Epic Games to put on an incredible show this year considering that Fortnite Season 5 wasn’t all that intriguing.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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