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iPhone XR Pre-Orders Begin This Friday – Here Are The Key Details

The iPhone XR raised eyebrows when Apple first announced it. Rumors suggested that the “S” variants will be showcased at the event with updated internals and a bunch of new features but nobody expected them to drop a much more budget-friendly device like the XR.

The iPhone XR definitely takes the DNA of the previous iPhone 5C and gives it the 2018 treatment. The XR provides the Apple experience at a much lower starting price of $749 with very little trade-offs. One of the most notable downgrades is in the display department featuring an LCD panel with a much lower resolution and pixel density.

However, Apple is known for working flawlessly with very little resources due to their impressive software optimizations which allow the device to go neck and neck with Android flagships. Apple recently announced that the iPhone XR will be available for pre-order this Friday and will go on sale in more than 50 Countries on Friday, October 26. Moreover, the iPhone XS will go live in more than 30 Countries most notably Chile, Colombia, Malaysia, and Thailand on the same day. They stated,

One more highlight for the XR is that it features a wide palette of selectable colors and gives it a very unique look, we don’t see any sort of gradient colors yet from Apple but we will surely be looking forward to that.

With Huawei announcing the Mate 20  & the Mate 20 Pro featuring a crisp OLED panel paired with the Kirin 7nm processor and the reverse wireless charging we’re expecting a lot of folks to raise their eyebrows, all this may certainly spell some trouble to Apple at the high-end game especially that triple camera set up at the rear is undoubtedly going to give tough time to Apple.

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