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The Highs Of The Mi MiX 3 Are Here – Features 94.3% Screen-To-Body, 4x Total Cameras and More

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As we superstitiously await for the launch of the Mi MiX 3, one of the Xiaomi Forum moderators has pretty much spilled the beans (officially) prior to the Mi MiX 3 keynote scheduled for tonight.

The Xiaomi Mi MiX 3 is indeed one of the biggest moves Xiaomi has made in terms of design. With the advent of pop-up cameras from Oppo and Vivo, Xiaomi found it comfortable to announce their new killer design with the Mi MiX 3. As Xiaomi’s Donovan Sung confirmed, Xiaomi actually had patented a pop-up camera as early as 2015 and shared a number of images from the original prototype. Since Xiaomi felt uncomfortable, since the original Mi MiX, a ton lot hasn’t budged with the world shocker, that is, until now.

With the Mi MiX 3, Xiaomi has re-invented their design and has introduced a slide-up design for the Mi MiX 3. With the selfie camera now out of the way, the Mi MiX 3 looks to be one of a kind phone… until Huawei started teasing the same design for their Honor Magic 2.

Key highlights detailed by the forum moderators include a 72% smaller chin, a total of four cameras (front and back), better reception, 10GB RAM, 5G connectivity and a whole lot more.

Compared to the Mi MiX 2S, Xiaomi has definitely gotten rid of that pesky chin. Thanks to the pesky front-camera being shifted, Xiaomi has managed to completely decimate the bottom chin on the Mi MiX 3. Now that the camera has been shifted, Xiaomi has achieved a screen-to-body ratio of 93.4%. The Mi MiX 3 features a dual front-camera setup featuring a 24MP and 2MP pair. If you’re wondering the use of that 2MP camera up front, basically that camera would be responsible for the depth of field effects for those killer selfie shots.

At the back, you’re looking at a 12MP + 12MP pair taking over the rear cameras. Interestingly enough, the rear camera sensor on the Mi MiX 3 is also the same sensor found on the Poco F1, Mi MiX 2S and Mi 8, namely, the IMX 363 and S5K3M3+.  In addition to that, the two rear cameras feature 4-axis OIS and a glimmer of Xiaomi’s AI enhancement suite to tone up those shots.

Up front with the Mi MiX 3, you’re looking at a 6.39″-inch FHD+ 19.5:9 AMOLED panel featuring 2340 x 1080 as its resolution and a peak brightness of 600 nits for an amazing outdoor viewing experience.

Since the phone is driven by magnets, Xiaomi claims that the device would last up to 300,000 cycles up and down and would be a part of the driving force controlling a number of interactions with the device. So far, Xiaomi has teased how the slide mechanism would trigger shortcuts such as launching the camera app and that you would be able to answer calls. Xiaomi says that if users don’t like them, they would also be able to change was apps to launch if they trigger the display.

Other than that, Xiaomi hasn’t teased anything else. However, given that we’ve learned a ton lot from Donovan Sung and previous teasers, this event would definitely be a blast. Rumors and teases have so far suggested that the Mi MiX 3 would feature an under-display fingerprint sensor, 5G connectivity, up to 10GB RAM, up to 256GB ROM and would be able to record slo-mo at 960FPS. Lastly, as we personally suggested, the Mi MiX 3 lacks an IR sensor for any face biometric authentication methods.

What’s smart about Xiaomi’s implementation of the sliding mechanism. Unlike Oppo and Vivo’s self-expanding pop-up camera set, Xiaomi’s take on the pop-up camera requires you to manually expose the camera rather than relying on a few failed motors.

What’s still left to be answered in about how the Mi MIX 3 plans to move 5G and how serious the phone is at pushing this tech forward. In addition to that, we’re also looking forward to seeing how the Mi MiX 3 is priced. Certainly, the phone would launch in China first, but we should be able to get a rough idea of that price translated in other regions.


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