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Apparently, Netgear’s XR500 Router Is “Fortnite Optimized”

Pretty much any competitive gamer recommends other players to use wired internet to get the best out of their internet connection while gaming. With manufacturers refusing to back down and release as many “gaming” routers possible, it seems like Netgear, a popular networking giant, has decided to take it to the next level. Apparently, their latest listing of the XR500, their premier gaming router is being dubbed as a “Fortnite Optimized” router on Amazon.

Sure, gaming routers do bring extra perks, but it is no better than a wired ethernet connection when it comes to connection stability and performance. Razer’s recently announced, Razer Sila, is also a great example of this and is an excellent choice for gaming who prefer using WiFi for gaming for their own reasons.

In the router’s defense, the router is surely a beast. You’re getting a dual-band router powered by a dual-core CPU, 4x Gigabit ports, 2x USB 3.0 ports and a top speed of 2600Mbps. This not only makes it an excellent router for gaming, but a beast for traffic management if you have a ton of devices around your house connected to it.

Sure, attracting customers is one point, but touting a “Fortnite” optimized router alongside your listing is completely bonkers and misleading.

Apparently, Netgear's XR500 Router Is "Fortnite Optimized" 4

Fortnite has without a doubt become a phenomenon succeeding PUBGs success. That game has managed to engulf children and adults alike in a very wacky kind of battle royale environment. Fortnite is making over $3.5M a day on mobile devices only and has an equally large base of players on PCs and consoles. In addition to that, being a free-to-play game, the developers have managed to make a business model out of it that no one seems to mind so far. Not only has the game been able to captivate players of all ages, but has also been consistent at keeping players come back for the game as the game’s mystery easter eggs start to emerge every season triggering massive events throughout the game with the studio behind the game finally releasing Fortnite Season 6 less than two weeks ago.

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