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Nvidia GeForce GTX / RTX 2060 Spotted in Square Enix Benchmarks – Offers GTX 1070Ti Performance

New GPU, yaaaay!

With over 2 months passed since the launch of the Nvidia RTX 2080/2080Ti, it’s about time Nvidia launches the other Turing GPUs, aimed at the upper-budget segment. Following the launch of the RTX 2070, Nvidia’s other budget-oriented GPU, the GeForce 2060, got spotted in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV benchmarks. The GeForce RTX/GTX 2060, is performing almost equal to the ~$500 GeForce GTX 1070Ti in Final Fantasy XV.

Nvidia GeForce GTX/RTX 2060 Spotted in Square Enix Benchmarks - Offers GTX 1070Ti Performance

In the benchmarks, the card is titled “NVIDIA Graphics Device”. The prefix of the 2060 will depend on whether it has Ray-Tracing or not, it’ll be RTX 2060 if it has Ray-Tracing or GTX 2060 if it is without Ray-Tracing. As for the performance, we’re looking at 3,457 points at 4K Ultra-HD resolution at standard quality. The card is just behind the GTX 1070Ti and the Radeon RX Vega. At lower resolutions, we’re expecting even closer results.

If you’re wondering, the 66AF:C1 listing in the benchmarks is rumored to be an upcoming AMD Vega GPU, although that is not confirmed. The Nvidia GTX/RTX 2060 is going to be a very anticipated GPU for the budget-friendly market. It will cost around $300-$350, much like the GTX 1060. We’re expecting great things from Nvidia, especially with budget Turing GPUs. We do expect the company to handle the launch of this upcoming GPU well, as the 2080/2080Tis aren’t doing very well at the moment.

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