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OnePlus 6T Devices From T-Mobile Can’t Have Their Bootloaders Unlocked Immediately

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OnePlus has made a huge deal with T-Mobile recently, beating Xiaomi to the race in the US. The recently announced OnePlus 6T is making headlines for some intriguing new additions as well as some minor tweaks under the hood. OnePlus’s recent announcement regarding their T-Mobile partnership has brought a mixed bag of emotions and it seems like apart from the cheesy trade-in program, your techie day is about to get frowned upon. According to a review published by the folks over at XDA, it seems like the T-Mobile variant of the OnePlus 6T can’t have its bootloader unlocked when you first pick the device up.

Since bootloaders and custom ROMs have been a huge part of making devices from Xiaomi and OnePlus even more intriguing, it seems like fans who are going to get their OnePlus 6T would not be able to get their bootloader unlocked unless you’ve completed your 24-month contract or unless you’ve fully repaid the device.

OnePlus’s OxygenOS is definitely a huge part of why a ton of OnePlus fans remain loyal to the company and it seems like this wouldn’t be a huge issue for those folks. Since OnePlus’s inception, the company has always been a developer-friendy device to encourage a ton of mods, ROMs and tweaks. But for those who really find it intriguing to tinker with their device may find this disturbing regardless of how great OnePlus’s OxygenOS actually is.

Since T-Mobile has enforced these rules and not OnePlus, we find it disturbing to see that OnePlus 6T devices wouldn’t be able to unlock their devices for a while. While there is nothing that would change T-Mobile’s decision regarding allowing users to unlock their bootloaders, it certainly seems like users would have to stick with the rules or get their 6T from OnePlus directly.

OnePlus definitely seems to be heading into a whole new direction, especially given that the company has always been about calling itself the flagship killer. With phones now hitting the $1449 mark, OnePlus is finding it a whole lot more comfortable to increase the price of their devices every year.


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