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OnePlus 6T Keynote – Set To Be Revealed On October 30th In NYC

OnePlus has just announced some major news out of the blue regarding when they’ll be revealing the new OnePlus 6T. After months of anticipation, the Shenzen-based company is set to launch its eighth flagship later this month. The keynote has been booked in NYC for October the 30th and would follow up with its launch in India on the same day.

OnePlus, just like every other launch, has decided to live stream the event online and would be broadcasting the launch of the 6T from Pier 36, NYC, USA. For the folks who are from India OnePlus has a keynote in KDJW Stadium, inside Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, New Delhi, India. Here are the keynote timings if you’re keen to tune into the OnePlus 6T’s live stream.

  • 11:00am EDT – New York
  • 3:00pm GMT – UK and Portugal
  • 4:00pm CET – Central Europe
  • 5:00pm EET – Eastern Europe
  • 8:30pm IST – India
  • 11:00pm CST – China

At this very moment, OnePlus hasn’t officially revealed where they would be streaming the launch event. Although, you may want to visit the OnePlus 6T’s keynote page to see if they’ve updated their site. The OnePlus 6T keynote is set days after seven other major manufacturers are done with their smartphone keynotes.

There’s a ton of excitement around the OnePlus 6T and it seems like the company has more than a few features to be revealed at their event later this month. OnePlus has already confirmed that the OnePlus 6T would feature an under-display fingerprint scanner. Alongside that, OnePlus also revealed their most controversial decision yet by announcing their decision to axe the 3.5mm headphone jack years after taunting its rivals for years by themselves. In addition to that, it is suspected that we might see a waterdrop notch on the OnePlus 6T this time around in an effort to maximize the display’s real estate. Images released by OnePlus’s official Twitter handle revealed that the waterdrop notch leak was on point. Not only did OnePlus actually tease it but the fact that the earpiece was pushed into the top frame of the device and the fact that OnePlus is owned by Oppo, who also seems to be launching waterdrop-notched devices lately, spill all the beans.

Regarding the headphone jack, whether you hate it or not, OnePlus’s decision of axing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the 6T right now is a smart decision. Not only has OnePlus managed to get over the backlash weeks before the official event, but they are well aware how important the decision was to be implemented on the 6T rather than gather backlash with the OnePlus 7.

The thirsty question that remains to be quenched would be if OnePlus could make the headphone jack axe justifiable enough despite claiming that their motivation was to enlarge the battery on the OnePlus 6T.

With a company like OnePlus supporting the decision to axe the headphone jack, there’s a ton of expectations to be met from Samsung with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 when it launches next year. Hopefully, we don’t see another Google Pixel fail where Google joined Apple a year after mocking them for lacking a headphone jack.

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