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OnePlus 6T Ultimate Limited Edition Box Leaked – It’s Larger Than You’d Expect

OnePlus has been going through a ton lot lately. From announcing the absence of the headphone jack on the OnePlus 6T to shifting keynote schedules. What we didn’t expect from OnePlus is a new limited edition launch, dubbed as the “Ultimate Edition”.

The OnePlus 6T Ultimate Edition Box has made its first appearance on a Swedish retailer’s website suggesting that the phone would go on sale four days prior to the OnePlus 6T’s keynote. The phone’s box seems considerably larger than any other typical phone box but it seems like OnePlus would be including a ton of extra goodies to compensate for the so-called higher mysterious price tag and the fact that there would be 1000 units of this edition which means that this is indeed an masterpiece to own.

OnePlus 6T Ultimate Limited Edition Box Leaked - It's Larger Than You'd Expect 4

While Webhallen, the Swedish retailer hasn’t released any key details regarding the insides of the box, the retailer is suggesting that there would be a ton of mysterious goodies inside of the box to compensate for its price tag. Now that we’re unable to find out what’s inside of the box, we definitely could predict some stuff as the Swedish retailer has added a blurred out picture of the contents expected to come with the OnePlus 6T Ultimate Edition.

Given that OnePlus is feeling much more comfortable soaring through the $600 price tag, we’d expect this launch to easily retail for under $699 or even higher. Certainly there would be a number of goodies and we could only expect OnePlus to include a batch of their own accessories to showcase some form of loyalty.

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