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OnePlus Plans To Set A Guiness World Record For The Most Phones Unboxed Simultaneously

OnePlus has been through a ton lot over the past two months. The folks over at OnePlus have announced that they are planning to set a world record for the most phones unboxed simultaneously. Since OnePlus would be the first brand to attempt this, OnePlus has a advantage to set the bars for other brands to beat.

The way how OnePlus has planned out this event is with a collaboration with Amazon India. Users who wish to participate in the world record attempt would have to have a valid Amazon Prime Now account and buy the OnePlus 6T from Amazon on November the 1st. All of the phones would be required to be shipped to the venue where proud customers of the OnePlus 6T would have their chance to unbox the OnePlus 6T along with hundreds or thousands of other users simultaneously.

Those who do participate in the world record attempt would be able to get their hands on the OnePlus 6T a day prior to the shipping date of the OnePlus 6T in India. In addition to that, OnePlus would be handing out Rs.1500 Amazon Gift Vouchers to all of the participants entering the world record attempt.

According to OnePlus, the record attempt will take place at Richardson and Cruddas, Mumbai, India. This means that folks over at New York won’t be able to participate in the event while it goes down in India.

This is definitely a first and there’s no telling if OnePlus’s rivals may follow suit in an effort to drive sales and marketing schemes for their devices in the near future. For now, OnePlus has the first attempt. Moving forward, let’s hope to see what goes down at the rescheduled OnePlus 6T keynote in New York on October the 29th.

There’s a ton of expectations to be met this time around as this may be the most controversial launch from the company is a while since the OnePlus 2. Not only has OnePlus announced that they’ve axed the headphone jack from the 6T, but we’ve also come to learn that the OnePlus 6T would feature an under-display fingerprint sensor along with a dew drop notch inherited from the Oppo R17. Additional leaks have also suggested that the OnePlus 6T would also come in an “Ultimate” Limited Edition variant packing a ton of OnePlus-branded gear for those loyalists.

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