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Over 50% Of Gamers In The U.S Play On Multiple Platforms, Study Suggests

Gaming has been thriving over the globe especially in the U.S, with over 200 million gamers spending an average of 12 hours each week. Not only that but the U.S is considered to be the top priority for manufacturers to deploy their products solely based on these statistics.

The report provided by NPD suggests that more than half (59%) of the gamers in the U.S play on multiple platforms most notably mobile devices gaining over 90% of the player base. This shows that gamers aren’t bound to a single platform as certain brands would like to express. The PC vs Console debate has been an endless battle since the dawn of gaming but the statistics paint a different picture. This very well means that most of the players prefer various platforms for maximum benefits and are not limited by a singular ecosystem.

Although mobile gamers weren’t really considered gamers only a while ago. but game development has come a long way bringing change and innovation to every inch of detail. really make them a contender also the fact that even non-gamers sometimes end up gaming on their smartphones which is a significant bump in terms of statistics.

Xiaomi’s BlackShark & the Razer Phone 2 definitely add to the cause by providing the complete gaming experience to users. With more and more games being developed for the platform, manufacturers are stepping up their game in the gaming smartphone category by offering more and more. This clearly means that mobile gaming has gained ground in the past couple of years and if they keep up with this pace then the point of gaming consoles might not even exist in the distant future.

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