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Battlefield V Gets Massive Overhauls To Its 3D Directional Audio

DICE is busy applying its final polishes before the release of Battlefield V. As we head towards the final 30 days, EA has announced some incredible details regarding the audio spectrum in Battlefield V and how they’re planning to revamp it when it launches next month.

In the latest Dev Talk episode for Battlefield V, DICE featured Andreas Almstorm and Bence Pajor, two of the Lead Sound and Audio Directors at DICE who are responsible for working on Battlefield V. As they wrap up for the launch of Battlefield V, they showcased a decent amount of footage of what they’re going through to make sound as authentic it could be. Not only did they record explosions with high-quality microphones, but they also showcased how many areas they visited to capture as many audio samples they could. They went to large fields, water ponds, large and small areas for a perception of distance, and a number of different environments to capture the feeling of the battlefield.

For quality purposes, Bence Pajor also said that they prefer recording outdoors regardless of the outdoor noise.

They then later proceeded to announce how they’re planning to introduce 3D positional audio in Battlefield V for headphone thanks to a developer at Criterion Games. Regardless of how premium your headphones may be, the approach DICE is taking here is to immerse everyone into the Battlefield environment. And to take advantage of it, you need a simple pair of stereo headphones. Given that Epic has also introduced 3D Audio with Fortnite Season 6 lately, DICE definitely understands what core components are required to make a game competitive and having 3D audio in such an immersed environment is just a blessing to have.

This, in addition to Battlefield V’s numerous competitive changes, should allow Battlefield V to flourish to its fullest extent now that the audio has become as equally as immersive the visuals are.

The folks over at DICE then proceeded to show off the new audio settings options where they have added an option called “3D Headphones” for those who want to take in as many audio cues possible.

These are certainly the final refinements DICE is making to the game as they close in for the final release of the game on November the 20th. There’s a ton to expect from EA later this year, especially considering that if the game had not been delayed, we would have been playing Battlefield V today. In addition to that, with the extra time on hand, we’re hoping to see EA work up on Battlefield V’s ray-tracing performance for Nvidia’s lineup of cards as they proved to be a stuttery mess with the RTX Alpha that exclusively launched for a few a while ago.

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