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Pixel 3 XL Passes The Durability Test – The Glass Body Is Built To Last

Google recently launched their annual Pixel lineup and this time around they’ve decided to go for a complete glass finish with a metal framework. Since the first Pixel, Google has had their fair share of problems but since then they have come a long way. The first Pixel housed a very weak frame and the glass at the back really broke its structural integrity but this time around they have gone for a complete glass design which has its benefits.

Just recently JerryRigEverything uploaded the durability test for the Google Pixel 3 XL and it seems that the 3rd iteration of the franchise does offer a considerable amount of improvement. For instance, the front speaker grills are now much more durable than last year. Furthermore, we see that the dual-toned rear glass gives the device a seamless look.

The paint coat on the glass is still prone to non-recoverable scratches from keys or any other sharp material. The paint coat on the does not scratch that easily due to the implementation of powder coating instead of just adding an extra layer of plastic which is always a good thing.

Overall the Pixel 3 XL holds up pretty well with the regular wear and tear but you might want to put on a case or skin to prevent the back from scuffing. It is clear that Google has definitely improved a lot since they started and the future seems bright.


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