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Poco Head Promises To Keep Updating Poco F1 To Android Q

The Poco F1 has to be one of the most polarizing phones this year and there’s no doubt Xiaomi has equally enjoyed the massive success with their other devices. The folks over at Poco and Xiaomi have been active at dealing a mitigating a number of issues and bugs plaguing the device and have also been actively monitoring the community. In a recent event of updates that took place on Twitter, Xiaomi was requested by a user to keep support for the Poco F1 for at least two major launches of Android. Jai Mani quickly caught onto the act and replied that they would indeed update the Poco F1 to Android P and Q in the near future. In a tweet, Head of Poco, Jai Mani said…

We’ll do at least P and Q – Jai Mani

While it definitely is encouraging, it certainly isn’t clear how far Android Q is from now given that Android’s number scheme could quickly overlap their Android version numbers. Given that we are on Android 9.0, which is also codenamed as Pie, we would be happy to see if Android Q hits the 10.0 mark within a year or two.

Only time would tell how the future would dictate itself. Xiaomi has made a number of promises previously such as introducing 4K/60FPS for the Poco F1 as well as introducing support for Netflix HD in the future. While they haven’t been delivered yet, all we can do for now is hope!

If Xiaomi manages to deliver on these two major updates, this would definitely make the Poco F1 a whole lot more enticing than it is already.

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