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Pocophone Addresses Screen Bleeding Issue On The F1

The Pocophone F1 is definitely one of the most polarizing smartphones of the year. The Pocophone F1 raised eyebrows of every single tech geek on the planet because how it managed to achieve such high-end specifications at such an affordable price. Not only that, but the Pocophone was built with durability kept in mind offering a very sturdy device with just as much practicality crammed into it.

Soon after we reported about the Pocophone F1’s touch latency issues, another issue regarding the Pocophone F1’s display came to fruition. The second complaint from its users was the fact that users noticed screen bleeding occurring around the display, most notably, towards the bottom chin of the device.
Pocophone Addresses Screen Bleeding Issue On The F1 4
Now do keep in mind that this problem does not affect the performance, usability or the practicality of the Pocophone at all. But having this issue in the first place is not a really good sign for the quality control department.  Xiaomi claims that less than 0.3% of all Pocophone users are facing this issue and are encouraged to go to the nearest Xiaomi Service Center to get their smartphone checked. Following the backlash, Poco, decided to release a statement regarding the incident, calling it a feature found on MIUI 9. Their statement reads…

Recently, a few Poco F1 users mentioned they experienced “screen bleeding”, owing to a bright gradient on the bottom of the display on certain screens. We would like to clarify that certain screens on MIUI 9 (MIUI for Poco) feature a gradient by design (including the power screen), and this is not screen bleeding. Further, this gradient screen has been removed from MIUI 10 onwards.

On a seperate note, a very small number of Poco F1 users (less than 0.3% of total users) have experienced edge light dispersion, which is a phenomenon that does not affect performance or usability of the phone in any manner whatsoever. At Xiaomi, we believe in providing highest quality, and keeping in mind, we are further reducing tolerances to ensure users are provided with an experience they’ve come to expect of Xiaomi.

We would encourage users to walk in to any of our 1000+ service centers and get their Poco F1 examined by an expert if they are facing any irregularities.


Team Poco

The following statement from Poco definitely seems vague, one of our editors over here at GeeksULTD has been playing with the phone for the past two weeks and has been reporting about the situation so far. We’ve also managed to reach out to Xiaomi lately regarding the subject and will be offering a follow up really soon.

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