PUBG Introduces A Number Of Halloween-Oriented Skins

The race among Battle Royale games continues as we approach the holiday season. It is certain the PUBG has seen its glory days and ever since the hype settled down. With the holiday season is right around the corner and lucky for us Bluehole has added new skins in the Halloween spirit based on the horror theme. The set consists of 6 different skins all of them equally horrifying and highly detailed.

PUBG Introduces A Number Of Halloween-Oriented Skins 2
The Halloween Collection

There’s a total of six new skins coming to PUBG. Out of them all stands out the “Clown” character which is a classic for Halloween almost giving “Pennywise” vibes which are amazingly well done. Since Fortnite’s look and feel are considered fictional and cartoonish compared to PUBG, here takes it to a much realistic approach offering deep-toned terrorizing outfits that would give you goosebumps.



The Battle Royale genre itself has also come a long way since it first surfaced. Newer titles such as Battlefield and Black Ops 4 have further pushed the limits of the genre by adding various new features and concepts. It is no longer a race between Fortnite and PUBG and we hope that these improvements and updates bring players back to the game.

With Fortnite’s Season 6 in its final phase, this update is surely going to pose a threat to Epic Games and we hope to see further updates from Blue Hole followed by bug fixes and glitches.

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