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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 To Feature An Even Larger Killer Display

The hype surrounding Samsung’s surreal Galaxy S10 is increasing every day.  As we wait for Samsung Galaxy S10 to make its way to the field, rumors regarding the Galaxy Note 10 has started to emerge. Ice Universe, a very well-known and trusty leaker has released some incredible information regarding the successor to the Note 9. According to the tipster, Samsung is embarking on manufacturing an even larger display for the Note 10, closing in onto the 7″-inch mark. The display is said to be 6.66″-inches to be accurate and may come in either one of the two ratios, either a 19:9 or a 19.5:9 ratio.

This means that holding the device would be much more manageable than other devices (horizontally) since the device would be taller than Samsung’s typical 18:5:9 displays so far that first debuted on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Other than that, we haven’t seen much information following those tweets. However, it’s safe to say that Samsung would be going with a QHD panel yet again as a standard, something they’ve been constantly iterating on ever since the Galaxy S5 made its debut back in 2014. Given that Samsung has had a strong history of packing QHD panels for the past few years in their flagships and the fact that Ice Universe’s history of leaks have been fairly accurate, we could derive a few new details regarding the Galaxy Note 10’s display.

If these leaks turn out to be true, we’re looking at a considerable jump over the iPhone XS Max with its 6.5-inch display, a feature Apple actually showed off my touting that they have the largest display in a phone.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 To Feature An Even Larger Killer Display 4

If the 6.66-inch display were to feature a 19:9 ratio, we’re safe to speculate that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would pack a 3040 x 1440 display on the front. However, if Samsung does plan to go with the 19.5:9 display ratio route, we’d speculate the display would pack a 3120 x 1440 display. Either way, the Galaxy Note 10’s display would be above the 500 PPI mark regardless of what display resolution we’re looking at. With the 19:9 and 19.5:9 display, given that our speculation and calculations are accurate, the Galaxy Note 10’s display would pack 505 or 516 pixels per inch, respectively.

With the company embarking on its tenth anniversary since the initial launch of the Galaxy S, fans are hoping to see Samsung reveal a device something that may blow the competition. So far, a ton of leaks have speculated what the Galaxy S10 may look like and what it may pack. So far, we’ve learned that the Galaxy S10 would come in three variants, codenamed “beyond”, each one mainly distinguishing themselves from each another by the number of camera sensors they’re said to pack. In addition to that, each variant is poised to pack a different display size, respective of their names. The Galaxy S10 is also said to pack a fingerprint sensor beneath the display, making Samsung’s first debut in making the under-display fingerprint sensor tech prominent.

If you’re interested in our coverage of the Galaxy S10, look no further as the stories are about to heat up even further down the line as we near the launch for the Galaxy S10 next year.

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