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Samsung Secretly Showed Off Their Future Plans For The Galaxy S10

Samsung has always been proactive. With the S10 currently under development, the  South Korean tech giant has set a lot of trends but the notch is certainly not how they approach their smartphones. In a recent tweet by IceUniverse, we finally have our first glimpse of how the S10 may actually end up like. In a tweet, Ice Universe showed off an image along with some key details from Samsung’s Display department showcasing how they’re planning to get around the notch while increasing the overall view of the display. In a tweet, Ice Universe said:

“On October 18th, Samsung Display invited about 20 customers to hold the “2018 Samsung OLED Forum” at the Shenzhen Marriott Hotel in China”

An image attached to the tweet above showcased some major information regarding how Samsung has been developing their plans to move displays forward. By the looks of it, it seems like Samsung had seen the rise of notches a while ago and have been working on their new design for the past couple of years.

The slide shown off at the Shenzhen Marriott Hotel in China detailed what Samsung called their SDC Sensor Tech, an under display tech that would hide its sensors under the display and would also feature an under-display fingerprint sensor. In addition to that, the this new technology would no longer require any holes for audio to pass through. Instead, it may be possible that Samsung may take Xiaomi’s route by using the body of the display to produce sound.

While it’s too early to predict any of these features, it certainly does seem to be catered for the upcoming Galaxy S10 as we put a close to 2018.

Samsung Secretly Showed Off Their Future Plans For The Galaxy S10 4

Since the dawn of trends, Samsung has strayed away from them creating their own and not blending in like the others as if wanting to stand out which is a good thing. This proves that they are actively trying to innovate and find alternate methods of success. The release of the Galaxy A9 with four rear cameras proves that they are not afraid to experiment.

It has only been a little while since the Galaxy Note 9 was announced but rumors for the next flagship phone by Samsung, the S10, have already started to pour suggesting the names, models and variants of the Galaxy S10 including the triple rear camera setup hinted a while ago..

The implementation of this technology could very well be in the next flagship Samsung releases possibly the S10. We already know that the S10 will house an under screen fingerprint sensor but having the camera sensor including all the others is pure genius. Overall, we’re personally looking forward to any updates regarding their latest screen technology. But until then, this news is definitely assuring that Samsung is actively innovating their displays and will certainly pose a threat to the notch monopoly.

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