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Scuf’s Vantage PS4 Controller Starts To Roll Out For North America – PlayStation’s Response To The Xbox Elite Controller

The race between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox goes on as we approach 2019. They are undoubtedly the two main pioneers of the modern console world. As far as game controllers are concerned, Microsoft released the Xbox Elite Controller for Xbox One which featured a ton of improvement for professional users. But Sony wasn’t really lagging behind, in their defence they revealed the Scuf Vantage for the PlayStation 4.

Scuf's Vantage PS4 Controller Starts To Roll Out For North America - PlayStation's Response To The Xbox Elite Controller 2
Scuf Vantage Back

Now the Scuf Vantage really combines the Dualshock 4 with the Xbox One controller, this crossover may or may not be likeable but it sure gives it a mean look. The controller is open to all sort of adjustments and customizations from adjustable back paddles to analogue sticks to even the whole case of the controller.  Overall it provides better control over the game, especially for competitive gamers.

The Scuf Vantage was announced at E3 2018 and starts shipping to North America today. For enthusiasts wanting to get a custom design for them can definitely check out the Customize Controller option here.

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