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Apple CEO Tim Cook Denies the Spy Chip Allegations by Bloomberg

Earlier this month, a well-respected news company Bloomberg published an article, which claimed that China had spy chips installed on the server motherboards that they sold to popular companies including Apple and Amazon. In an interview with CNN,  Apple CEO Tim Cook has denied the existence of such chip on Apple’s servers, including the iCloud servers.

According to Bloomberg and their anonymous sources, the alleged spy chip is being used by the Chinese military for political and military espionage. They also claim that the chips could be used to attack major agencies through the chip. Many experts believe that espionage using a spy chip is not possible, however, the article still sparked a lot of controversial interest.

At the International Data Protection and Privacy Committee meeting in Europe on Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Bloomberg’s report is completely false. He went on to call out Bloomberg to take down the article.

“That article, the part about Apple, is 100% a lie. It is completely inaccurate, there is no truth behind it. We never found a malicious chip in any servers.”

Cook further explained that Apple never contacted the FBI nor the FBI contacted them about this issue. Cook then expressed his thoughts on the article:

“My view is, they [Bloomberg] need to retract that article, because this is not doing anybody any good to have fake information out there.”

So there you have it. Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken up and clarified the doubts of the consumers. There are no Chinese spy-chips on Apple products. Apple takes cyber-security very seriously, and something like this could tarnish the company’s reputation. With frequent security updates, your Apple devices are completely safe from any malicious activity.

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