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5 Games From 2019 Worth Getting Hyped For (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

The game development industry has boomed exponentially these past few years and for good reason. As of 2018 more and more people tend to enjoy playing various genres of video games from children to adults. This pursues game developers to integrate more and more technology into the game and to push the limits even more. 2019 is definitely going to be no short of an eventful year with various titles coming and which would mark the 6th Anniversary for this generation’s consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4.

It is not yet sure if the games will release on this generation’s consoles or not but we sure are excited about them anyway, with Microsoft’s project Scarlet already in works anything could be possible.  Anyhow here’s the list of games which we thought are worth checking out once they get released.

01 | Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

5 Games From 2019 Worth Getting Hyped For (PC, Xbox One, PS4) 9
In-Game Footage Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay walkthrough

Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely the most anticipated game by far in 2019. There hasn’t been any clear confirmation by CD Projekt Red regarding the release date but the game’s unique look and atmosphere make it worthy. Developed by the same team who managed to roll out a masterpiece of a franchise called “Witcher”, our expectations have been raised even more.

Set in the modern world the game has by far the most advanced open world system showcased. Alongside the intense storyline players will be able to experience one of the most realistic simulations of the modern world.

02 | Anthem (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

5 Games From 2019 Worth Getting Hyped For (PC, Xbox One, PS4) 10

Anthem is definitely built up a lot of hype ever since it was first revealed at E3. The game was expected to release in late 2017 but ever since the release date has jumped farther and farther away. The game is unarguably the most graphically intensive and demanding title expected to release in 2019. EA has surely put a lot of effort into the game and we hope that it reaches the expectations of countless fans.

The game itself has a Mass Effect vibe to it with a very enigmatic approach. It focuses on the earth invaded by extraterrestrials and how we manage in a world which has become so unforgiving.

03 |Days Gone (PS4)

5 Games From 2019 Worth Getting Hyped For (PC, Xbox One, PS4) 11

Third on our list is Days Gone, a PlayStation exclusive title. Now, whats a good year without amazing Sony exclusives? Days Gone takes us to a classic zombie land experience where we play as Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter facing a brutal struggle for survival, searching for a reason to live.

The game offers a harsh environment with a variety of life-threatening creatures with only one motive, TO KILL !!! Sony first showcased the game at E3 2016 and ever since the game has gained popularity amongst gamers. The game is set to release in February 2019 exclusively for PlayStation gamers.

One great thing about PlayStation Exclusives is that it pursues non-PlayStation users to at least crave for their games.

04 | Metro Exodus (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is the newest addition to the Metro franchise featuring Ukranian landscape and a very enjoyable storyline. The FPS mechanics are worth praising and the graphics as always are stunningly beautiful. Anyone wanting to have a really amazing single-player experience for an FPS game must check out this game.

Based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels the game follows the story of its predecessors and takes place in a Ukrainian surrounding giving it extra depth.

05 | Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

5 Games From 2019 Worth Getting Hyped For (PC, Xbox One, PS4) 12

Ace Combat 7 is the key to Bandai Namco’s entry into the mainstream gaming department. The Ace Combat franchise offered a really lovable and well-built visual for gamers back in the day and we hope that Bandai Namco’s hype lives up to its name as always.

The game is set to offer mesmerizing visuals for VR and could attract aerospace lovers as well. The game was expected to release in 2018 but was delayed till January 2019. The game is expected to be an absolute treat for PlayStation 4 players than to its excellent PSVR support.

During an interview with the Director Kazutoki Kono, we got to know about the massive improvements coming over to the PC. Not only should players expect virtually 8K visuals, but would also be able to see some massive improvements in textures and clouds.


As a bonus, we’d like to talk about Crackdown 3. The game was first revealed way back in 2014 making it one of the very first Xbox One exclusive title. Crackdown 3 is the third installment of the Crackdown franchise as the name indicates but it was subject to a lot of hype and criticism.
5 Games From 2019 Worth Getting Hyped For (PC, Xbox One, PS4) 13
At first reveal, there was a lot of hype about how everything in the game was destructible and how it managed to do all that. The word “Cloud Computing” was thrown a lot back in those days and this feature (still in works) could have potentially made the Xbox One a lot stronger. This Technology allowed the developers to give it an extreme amount of detail and godlike visuals.

The game is still to be announced but odds are that 2019 is the year Microsoft decides to drop it out of nowhere. Some might say that the hype has died down but the word “Cloud Computing” still rings bells. It would be interesting to see how they make it out in a world filled with Sony branded exclusives.

Well, those were the games which I thought are worth the wait and deserve the hype. I think it is safe to say that 2019 is going to be a great year for video games as a whole and as for recent matters, Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption and Assassins Creed Oddessey are surely the games of the time. Sony as always has a lot on their side but Xbox is not far off this time around.

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