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Users Will Finally Be Able To Change Their PSN Online ID – Preview Beta Launches Late November

Since forever PlayStation gamers have pleaded to Sony to allow Online ID change but all in vain. Those who migrated from the PlayStation 3 were forced to use their old PSN accounts. This made a lot of fans furious that if they made an account 10 years ago at an immature age they won’t still be able to change their online ID.

PlayStation finally responded to all the heartfelt fans and have decided to include this feature first on the next PlayStation beta update. This beta will be available to select user participating in the beta. This ID change, however, comes at a price. The first name change will be free of cost and players can change their embarrassing names to something unique and likable but in the second attempt, you will be charged $9.99 USD / CAD for standard users and $4.99 USD / CAD for PS Plus members.

Users Will Finally Be Able To Change Their PSN Online ID - Preview Beta Launches Late November 4
One more twist in the tail is that games released after April 1st 2018 will support this ID change and a majority of the titles released on the PS3, PS Vita & PS4 will not be compatible with this change. Those facing issues during the preview will be able to revert back to their previous ID’s free of charge and that should clear out all the problems.

Sony does have plans for complete support though, they plan on releasing a list of games released before 1st of April 2018 which will be completely compatible with this ID change and the list will be provided on the PlayStation site itself.  The preview program is expected to kick off this November while the official release is planned for early 2019.

Those wanting to test out the feature early can check out the early preview program.  All we can do is wait anxiously for further updates from Sony.

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