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Xiaomi Savagely Offers Calculators To OnePlus 6T Keynote Attendees

OnePlus seems to have had an amazing launch with the announcement of OnePlus 6T over in New York. However, something tells me that Xiaomi is sneakier than OnePlus. You see, recently, while everyone was hyped into the OnePlus 6T keynote streamed from New York, OnePlus’s Indian keynote was flocked by a few Xiaomi employees. Xiaomi set up employees at the entrance of the OnePlus 6T Indian Keynote handing out calculators as a part of their “Do The Math” campaign.

Xiaomi Savagely Offers Calculators To OnePlus 6T Keynote Attendees 4

Now that OnePlus is comfortably moving towards the $599 mark, it’s making Xiaomi a whole lot more confident to promote the Poco F1 given that it now retails for almost half the price of the “flagship killer” OnePlus 6T. The Poco F1 and OnePlus 6T share a ton in common. Both feature the latest and greatest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, an excellent set of dual rear cameras, up to 8GB RAM, fairly large batteries and an incredibly speedy UFS 2.1 internal storage minus the headphone jack.

Since Xiaomi has a stronghold on the Indian market, Xiaomi took full advantage of the event held in India. Given that the OnePlus 6T starts at INR Rs.38k (US $519) in India, Xiaomi’s 21k (US $285) Poco F1 is making a whole lot more sense for the buyer who cares about practicality but requires the speedy grudge from the high-end smartphone lineup.

As OnePlus now prepares for the OnePlus 6T, it seems like Xiaomi would continue to offer these highly cost-effective flagships for the mid-range market spelling a decent amount of trouble for the flagship killer in the end. As OnePlus and Xiaomi’s bitter rivalry grows, there a ton lot more to look out for from both of these companies. At the OnePlus event, OnePlus threw a few rocks in Xiaomi’s garden claiming that Xiaomi’s devices have some of the worst failure rates out the bunch. In contrast, Xiaomi has been seeing some immense growth over the past 10 months with their smartphone lineup reporting that they have exceeded 100M units sold to date. Not only are expecting to see a ton lot more improvements with the OnePlus 7, but we’re also keen to see if Xiaomi would be able to topple the competition with the Poco F2 next year with such bizarre prices.

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