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Xiaomi’s Mi MiX 3 Includes A 10W Fast Wireless Charger In The Box

In a world where brands skip on including fast-chargers with their fast-charging capable devices, Xiaomi has taken the first major step forward by announcing that the Mi MiX 3 would pack a 10W fast wireless charger out of the box. In a tweet, Donovan explicitly mentioned the great news in a tweet that confirms the news.

Xiaomi's Mi MiX 3 Includes A 10W Fast Wireless Charger In The Box 4

While Xiaomi has been setting standards for a while when it comes to the mid-range market, this addition would definitely put a ton of other expensive brands to shame given how much their in-house chargers retails for. Samsung and Apple are good examples of this horrible mess. Not only do brands like Samsung, Apple, and Google charge extra for a decent charging experience, but all of them require you to buy the wireless charger separately for a ton of cash. We hope that doesn’t inflict a ton of damage.

OnePlus has been a very good boy for a while for including some of the fastest charging adaptors in their box with their proprietary DASH Charge technology. Xiaomi, on the other hand, has been including Qualcomm-enabled fast chargers even on their mid-range devices for quite a few years now.

Given that the Mi MiX 3 would most probably be priced between $499 and $699, the Mi MiX 3 would not only set the bar with its 10GB RAM and 5G connectivity, but it would also show a ton of other rivals how being consumer-friendly looks like by including a 10w wireless fast charger in the box. Impressive attention to detail from the folks over at Xiaomi.

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