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Xiaomi’s Mi MiX 3 Flaws Have Already Started Leaking

Xiaomi’s about the launch the Mi MiX 3 later this month. With anticipation building up, fans may be unaware of what may be a minor issue with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. In a video recently posted online of the Mi MiX 3, the Mi MiX 3 finds itself in a white screen dilemma caused by retracting and expanding the pop-up camera quickly.

While the device certainly doesn’t die, as suggested by the navigation gestures, the phone does find itself in a tough spot to recover from, eventually crashing the phone. Hopefully, a software update may fix that. But then, if someone does decide to go berserk on its mechanical mechanism, Xiaomi isn’t at fault.

Phones from Oppo and Vivo have featured self-retracting and self-expanding pop-up cameras, but with the Mi MiX 3, users would have to manually expand the camera to be able to use the selfie camera. Since mechanical parts are one major part of creating flaws in a device physically, it seems like Xiaomi would be betting on its quality department. Regarding the white screen, it seems like Xiaomi would most likely have to patch that issue but if it occurs, but then again, Xiaomi shouldn’t be responsible for such a careless act to begin with.

The issue highlighted definitely could be classified as a minor case. But given that the phone would experience this on a day to day basis, it would definitely test Xiaomi’s bets on their quality control department. For now, we’d be interested to see how Xiaomi plans to handle such a matter for such a premium device.

Xiaomi is expected to reveal the device officially by October the 25th in Beijing. The Mi MiX 3 would be the first to offer 10GB RAM and 5G connectivity and would also be the first phone to allow users to freely expand the retract the camera sensors up front. It’s definitely going to be an exciting leap forward over the designs featured with the Mi MiX and Mi MiX 2/2S.

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