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Xiaomi Expands Further Into Europe – Officially Debuts In The UK

Xiaomi has been flourishing in Asia ever since the Mi3 made headlines. With the company growing at exponential rates over the past year, it seems like the company has made its next debut in the UK. Today, after a long ride of promises, Xiaomi has finally landed in the UK. The news came in after Xiaomi officially announced the launch of the Xiaomi UK Twitter handle.

Xiaomi was in talks with a cell phone carrier called Three UK a while ago and has since been pretty quiet about their deal. While it initially did seem to be very promising, it seems like the deal was never fulfilled. With the introduction of Xiaomi in the UK, Xiaomi finally has a chance to meet the standard of the folks in the UK. With the help of its amazing budget devices and excellent reputation,

Xiaomi may have a shot at enticing the audience in the UK. Devices such as the Mi 8, Mi A2 and Redmi lineup should be a great start but it nothing seems to be cemented at the moment. Xiaomi has had a past of releasing their home-related products in certain countries while holding back their smartphone lineup for the Asian market for quite a while now. We’re uncertain if the introduction of Xiaomi in the UK would actually introduce Xiaomi’s smartphone lineup, similar to what they’ve done in the US.

However, given how active Xiaomi has become over the past few months with content creators in the UK, it’s only fair to say that Xiaomi is actually bringing their smartphone lineup to the region. However, without any additional confirmation on the subject, it seems like this would remain as a mystery for another day. Until then, we’ll try to get a confirmation from the folks over at Xiaomi.

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