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AMD Introduces The RX 590 -15 % Improvement From The RX 580 & Better Clock Speeds

AMD today unveiled the latest addition to their Radeon RX 500 series GPUs. The RX 590 based on the 12 nm GPU architecture is designed to deliver killer results in the latest AAA titles along with a premium VR experience. The RX 590 powered by the advance “Polaris” architecture offers a slight improvement from its predecessor, the RX 580. Both the GPUs consist of 36 compute units and 2304 stream processors paired with 8 GB GDDR5 memory. But it is in the clock speed department where the RX 590 shines. The RX 590 has a 15% increment in base clock speed with 1469 MHz with respect to 1257 MHz of the RX 580. Moreover, the boost clocks also show a 15% increment with 1545 MHz on the RX 590 and 1340 MHz on the RX 580.

AMD Introduces The RX 590 -15 % Improvement From The RX 580 & Better Clock Speeds 1
Source: AMD

This bump in clock speed not only provides a better framerates to gamers but also offers a better, premium VR experience. AMD claims that the 4th generation GCN graphics cores allow the RX 590 to perform exceptionally well in low-level APIs such as Direct X 12 & Vulkan. The RX 590 performs extremely well in almost all the latest AAA titles by hitting the 60FPS mark at maxed out presets most of the time. Furthermore, the GPU is a very valid choice for e-sports due to the fact that it is able to hit the 100 fps mark in every major title. The GPU performed quite well in FireStrike benchmarks hitting a sweet spot for consumers as well. AMD’s gameplan here is quite obvious, with their competition going for innovation in the higher end department AMD has decided to entertain the average consumer by offering one of the sweetest deals. The RX 590 provides up to 20% better price per dollars than its competition as claimed by AMD. This further seals down the purpose of the GPU and AMD’s approach.


With AMD reaching record sales in the CPU department in Europe they wouldn’t mind having their GPUs up there as well. Since AMD has already announced their latest 7nm based Instinct GPUs the future for AMD seems pretty clear. Nvidia has certainly had quite a fair share of issues in their new RTX GPUs and AMD might want to take notes on that and improve upon their mistakes. Moreover, AMD also launched ‘Raise the Game Fully Loaded’ bundle providing players who purchase any eligible GPU a chance to play the highly anticipated Resident Evil™ 2, Devil May Cry™ 5 and Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2, for free.

The AMD Radeon™ RX 590 graphics card is available worldwide today starting at $279 SEP USD from leading add-in-board partners, including ASUS, PowerColor, Sapphire and XFX. The GPU also comes with day zero game drivers support and the latest AMD Radeon™ Software.

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