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Apple’s iPad Pro Horribly Fails The Durability Test

Apple Introduced their latest fleet of devices just recently. One of the most influential of them all being the iPad Pro with an updated design and beefed up specs. The iPad obliterated most full-fledged PCs with the help of the A12X Bionic chip in benchmarks. Apple decided to house a smaller form factor with substantially smaller bezels and a record thin body. This, however, makes the iPad highly fragile and subject to more than average damage along with day to day usage.

The Youtuber JerryRigEverything as always posted a video testing the durability of the tablet and the results were certainly not pleasant. The screen of the iPad is made up of the standard Glass used in most flagship smartphones but what’s interesting here is that the iPad glass is thinner than usual which upon hard pressing leaves temporary impressions. As we move to the sides of the tablet we notice that the body of the tabled is made up of the standard Apple aluminium but one noticeable thing here is that the microphone module and the magnetic strip for the Apple Pencil lie in the centre of the device.

As proceed to the bend test the device completely disintegrates. It seems that the bend-gate really strong on this one. With the device being folded like a piece of paper and the culprits being the microphone hole and the wireless Pencil charger.  Upon removing the screen it is acknowledged that the iPad holds no proper structural integrity. This proves to be very disappointing especially for a device which costs upwards of $800. It is evident that Apple hasn’t put much thought into the durability of the tablet and the metal shell acts as if its sole purpose was to tie the components together. Apple definitely needs to worry more about the structure of its iPads as well as the overall durability factors.

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