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Galaxy A8s Will Be Samsung’s First Infinity-O Device, Leaks Suggest

Ever since Samsung’s display conference was leaked the news of Samsung building a bezel-less display has spread like wildfire. The tech giant has been one of the leading innovators when it comes to smartphone display technology. The brand just refused to adopt the notch trend or the flip phone concept. The leaks for Samsung’s latest A8s have already started to emerge and they paint quite a different picture.

Galaxy A8s Will Be Samsung's First Infinity-O Device, Leaks Suggest 2
Source: Ben Geskin

The Galaxy A Series smartphones have been one of the most influential devices with bringing innovation to a more accessible price without hurting Samsung exclusive features. The latest renders show that instead of a complete bezel-less display, Samsung has opted for a tiny hole in the screen for the camera while the whole device is covered with the display panel. This is the same approach as LG stated with their bezel-less patent. The device had a tiny hole up front for the front facing dual cameras while having a minimal chin. The “Infinity-O” display on the A8s will certainly act as more of a public test for them to acquire reviews and reports as from enthusiasts. Although we expected Samsung to house a completely bezel-less display in the upcoming Galaxy S10. If the company receives positive results from the A8s then we will most likely see an improved version of the “Infinity-O” display in the S10.

Galaxy A8s Will Be Samsung's First Infinity-O Device, Leaks Suggest 3
Source: Ben Geskin

Moreover, this will mean that the phone will be prone to scratches and critical damage from day to day use. Having minimal bezels and almost no chin makes the phone more fragile than ever especially if dropped without a protector or case. Samsung will definitely want to look into the matter and bring out some sort of innovation to counter this huge downgrade from previous devices. Given the current state of Galaxy A series devices we may see a triple camera or more with various different functions. As for the processor, we may not see something over the top which means no 5G for now.

Given the fact that these renders are still very young and conceptual and they may not represent the actual device perfectly.

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