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Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ Will House A 3040 x 1440 Display With A 19:9 Aspect Ratio

Only a few months remain for Samsung to unveil the Galaxy S10, unarguably the most hyped up device for 2019. We have already witnessed an abundant amount of leaks about the phone since the S9 came out. One of the recent leaks coming from Antutu revealing that the S10 will house a  2280 x 1080 resolution display having an aspect ratio of 19:9. This means that with the new aspect ratio in effect, Samsung could very well pack their new Galaxy S10 Plus with a 3440 x 1440 display and the fact that the new S10 will have an aspect ratio quite similar to Apple’s iPhone X which is also made by Samsung.

Given that we’re pretty much expecting a resolution bump along with a slight increase in the display size, we found out that, if true, the Galaxy S10 Plus’ would feature a 525.59 PPI when maxed out. That’s slightly lower than the S9 Plus’ 530PPI but the larger display seems to be originating from a bezel-less design rather than an increase in the phone’s overall footprint.

The screen on the S10 is certainly going to be the highlight of the phone since we discovered that Samsung is definitely not in the mood of adopting the notch and the folks over at the display department are in active development of under-screen sensor technology. The leaks from Samsung’s A9s show a tiny cutout for the front-facing camera dubbed to be an “Infinity-O” display. It is quite possible that Samsung implements some improvised version of the concept to the S10 with possibly a much smaller cutout. This will provide a seamless design to the front of the device with very little tradeoffs.

As we’ve acknowledged that the S10 will be the first to house the latest Snapdragon 8150 chipset. The 8150 offers better efficiency and power while offering 5G capabilities, more on that here. Samsung already plans on providing 5G technology to consumers in US and Korea so it will be a good move to release the S10 equipped with the technology and corner the markets. As Chinese manufacturers continue to dominate the Asian markets and plan on expanding to Europe, the S10 will be the company’s best bet to compete with the ever growing competition.

Leaks also suggest that Apple’s upcoming A13 would feature a 7nm architecture and possibly 5G capabilities. Now, this certainly means that 2019 will be all about 5G and completely bezel-less displays. We know that Samsung makes displays for Apple which could mean that the next iPhone will host similar under-screen technology in the future. Moreover, the S10 is expected to house UFS 3.0 bandwidth and the new Exynos chip will host 4K/120FPS capabilities. All these features paired with Samsung’s perfectionism will prove to be a strong contender in the premium market space.

With Chinese manufacturers hurting Samsung sales, the S10 is the company’s best bet in recovering the lost market space. It will certainly be interesting how Samsung provides all sensors without compromising screen space. The manufacturer has been exceptional when it comes to display innovation and we expect to see a flare of just that in the Galaxy S10. All this glass around the device will make it prone to scratches and damage over time. Samsung will have to provide some sort of innovation to make the phone last longer.

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