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New CS: GO Update Reverts Cobblestone Back To Its Former Glory – Biome & Subzero Added In Competitive Map Pool

Halloween has come to an end and with it comes a full stop to a very fun and joyful update for CS: GO by Valve. The Cobblestone map is back to its former glory and all the fun ghosty features in classic modes have been reverted. Moreover, Valve has added the two maps, Biome and Subzero which were previously introduced into casual matchmaking into competitive play.

Once again we notice that Valve has been doing extra work lately regarding the 6-year-old title. First the panorama update, the addition of the MP5-SD and now two new maps for competitive play. The Cobblestone map itself was removed from the Active Duty category a while back. It is expected that the classic location makes a comeback into proper competitive play with a performance bump.

Furthermore, it has been quite a while since Valve introduced us with a new operation. Usually, a new operation comes out after a CS: GO Major but we haven’t heard anything regarding the matter from Valve yet. It certainly is a possibility that Valve introduces a new operation alongside the re-entry of Cobblestone in the Active Duty map pool.

All in all, we look forward to more updates and news by the developers regarding the case.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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