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Oppo Opens Up Their Insanely Fast SuperVooc Charging Tech For Six Manufacturers

Oppo has just made a huge announcement recently over on the Chinese blogging platform called Weibo. In a recent post published on Weibo, the company’s official Weibo account has just announced that they would be licensing Oppo’s SuperVooc Charging technology for six key manufacturers.

Certainly, Oppo has completely obliterated the competition with their SuperVooc technology for its amazing charging speeds. However, the company is looking to expand its technology. We’ll just say, “Oppo is going places”. Make no mistake, this move is certainly not for gratitude. Instead, it’s an excellent move for both publicity and business. So far, Oppo has announced that it has managed to get six manufacturers willing to adopt Oppo’s technology but remains vague regarding who those manufacturers are.

Given that OnePlus’s Dash Charge and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0 technologies are far behind Oppo’s wrath, it seems like Oppo would be licensing its tech to manufacturers who’ve adopted the tech, essentially kicking Qualcomm out of the scene.

The post published by the official Oppo account on Weibo reads…

OPPO officially opened VOOC flash charge technology patent license! OPPO hopes to join hands with more quality companies to build a high-quality VOOC flash charging technology ecosystem. Currently, OPPO has confirmed cooperation with six manufacturers. They will be responsible for the development, manufacture and sale of products supporting VOOC flash charging technology. Soil collection Q view large circumference to E rotation C to the right to rotate OPPO officially open vooc flash charge patent authorization [Translated] – Oppo

To give a fair bit of context, Oppo’s SuperVooc technology is so ahead of the competition that other solutions seem to be “simple cheap alternatives” compared to Oppo’s SuperVooc technology. If you aren’t aware, SuperVooc is one of the key areas where Oppo has been brewing its coffee over the years and now that they’ve perfected it, the latest iteration of the technology pushes about 40W worth of juice into your phone, every second. In practice, Oppo’s SuperVooc charging tech manages to fully charge a 3700mAh large battery within 35 minutes.

We’re not expecting Qualcomm to match these insane speeds. However, the deal Oppo is putting forward onto the table isn’t bad either in our opinion. Leaked Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0 reports suggest that Quick Charge 5.0 would be able to push up to 32W worth of power into your device. However, even then, it seems like Oppo’s deal could very well be an excellent option too for some manufacturers.

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