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Samsung Developers Talk About A Change Of Direction For The Galaxy “A” Series

Samsung has been undoubtedly one of the most innovation-driven companies out there when it comes to smartphones. The Galaxy Note & “S” series are considered to be a benchmark for others thanks to a ton of and emphasis put into the phones. The Galaxy “A” series didn’t catch much attention when it was first introduced. The “A” series was Samsung’s way of bringing their experience at a more affordable price point. The smartphones themselves felt left out with no particularly new features and having downgraded hardware from the “S” series with a similar footprint.

Since then, Samsung developers have taken a sharp turn for their mid-range and budget categories. This is mostly due to the fact that competition among budget smartphones has grown explosively these past few years and with Chinese manufacturers snatching market regions from the Korean tech giant, a change was expected. Samsung’s new strategy means that the Alpha series smartphones will be given a separate identity and support so that buyers have something to hold on to. Samsung is infamous in not pushing quick software updates and their devices get a major update once or twice in its lifetime which certainly has to change. Minseung Baik stated,

“Until now, the Galaxy A series felt like it was borrowing a lot of defining features from the flagship series,” explained Baik. “But now, the Galaxy A series has its own unique attributes. The new features include triple cameras for the Galaxy A7 and quad rear cameras on the Galaxy A9. These features are the signal flare of our new approach with the product line.”

It is clear that Samsung likes to experiment more with the “A” series thanks to its unique pricing. Recent leaks also suggest that the A8s will be Samsung’s first Infinity-O device. This sort of experimentation is certainly beneficial for the company since it will not only allow them to conduct the reviews but they will also be able to further fine tune and refine it for their flagship series. The triple and quad camera approach on the A7 and A9 are certainly new and provide a ton of new features to play with. The complicated sensors work together to bring one of the finest camera experiences period.
Samsung Developers Talk About A Change Of Direction For The Galaxy "A" Series 4
Moreover, the brand has provided a variety of colour options for their A9. These gradient colours bring a sort of satisfaction and joy to the user and the matching metal frame acts as a cherry on top. It is certain that Samsung has moved on from their early Alpha series smartphones which really didn’t have any specific meaning. Their existence was merely noticeable but with this change in recipes, Samsung may very well have a response for the Pocophone F1 or even the Mi 8.

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