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Samsung Galaxy J4 Core Leaked – Sports Infinity Display, 3300mAh Battery & Much More

Samsung’s J series has been the company’s goto budget smartphone. The J series offers quality specifications for regular users at affordable prices. The latest addition to the series was expected to be the J4 Core, a successor to the J4 which offers even better value for money.

The J4 Core leaked on a Brazillian online shopping site where all the specifications and the looks of the device were showcased. The J4 Core will be running the Oreo GO version of Android which would enhance the battery on the device. Moreover, the J4 houses a 3300 mAh battery a slight upgrade from the 3000 mAh last year. One of the more significant upgrades is in the display department. The J4 Core now houses a 6-inch HD+ Infinity Display. This offers more workspace even for a budget device running on 1GB of RAM.
Samsung Galaxy J4 Core Leaked - Sports Infinity Display, 3300mAh Battery & Much More 4
The rest of the specifications of the device are quite similar to the previous generation such as the 5-megapixel front-facing shooter while a slight downgrade is observed at the rear-facing camera department offering only 8-megapixels. Specifications overall are quite similar with no new noticeable features.

The geometry of the device, however, has shifted drastically to a much modern and sleek looking design. Samsung managed to get the highest ever sales in India and the Asian region despite a global decline in mobile sales. The J4 Core will throttle even more. This release will also pose as a threat to the Chinese manufacturers who were still unparalleled in the past.

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