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Samsung’s 2020 Foldable Phone Could Possibly Set The Tone For Future Smartphones

Smartphones as a whole are considered to be the backbone of modern day computing. With almost half of the world’s population using their handheld devices as a primary means of computing, the numbers are said to increase dramatically in the near future. With Chinese brands playing a key role in escalating the global plate for smartphone users by offering cost-effective solutions with very little trade-offs, the general sales of smartphones, however, are primarily throttled by new trends set by manufacturers to get the attention of the general consumer base.

Looking back at what has evolved over the past decade isn’t hard. The early 2011 devices focussed primarily on the screen size and resolution of the display with the focus shifting from here to there. Later on, we saw manufacturers shifting their focus to the overall dimensions of the device itself, with companies putting a ton of emphasis on the thickness of their smartphones by shrinking the shell as much as they can. As of 2018, pretty much everyone is running to trim off the bezels and chins off of their devices, regardless of their price point, eventually increasing not their real estate, but adding to the slew of bragging rights regarding their screen-to-body ratios.

Samsung's 2020 Foldable Phone Could Possibly Set The Tone For Future Smartphones 2
Source: Phone Designer

Samsung has been very successful in terms of their display innovation by a long shot. Being a tech giant Samsung has no problems funding their research programs and especially research in the display department. Foldable smartphones were considered to be the future of technology offering insane workspace and very high portability due to its foldable character. The concept is certainly intriguing, to say the least, and it seems like Samsung wants to lead charge of the whole race. Smartphones that were conceptualized in a past for being foldable never took off though. Things with Samsung, however, look quite different and there is a good reason Samsung knows what they’re doing. And with 2018 coming to an end, we have a strong feeling in our guy that Samsung would find immense success with the concept by 2020. Here’s why we think that’s the case.

There is no doubt that a giant like Samsung has all the resources required to perfect this concept and make it feasible. Despite the company now facing stiff competition from its Chinese rivals, Samsung’s AMOLED technology is what pretty much everyone is craving for. Samsung is one of the largest display suppliers at present which means they can definitely provide this technology to other brands and set a whole new standard, especially with all the burden they’ve garnered in certain markets. Sales stats aren’t looking good for Samsung has reports suggest that revenue has taken a significant hit over these past few years, mostly due to Chinese manufacturers covering up and saturating the market Samsung will definitely have to spice up their game plan.

Samsung's 2020 Foldable Phone Could Possibly Set The Tone For Future Smartphones 3
Source: Phone Designer

Samsung is reportedly working on a completely bezel-less display and given that Apple uses displays made by Samsung in their iPhones, Samsung will certainly have an edge here. If Samsung succeeds in making a flexible smartphone then they’ll certainly set a new standard for the smartphone industry.
Moreover, this technology is to boom with over a 250% increment in demands by 2025. The new trend may actually allow Samsung to cover the premium smartphone markets in areas like South East Asia and India. This new technology will certainly threaten the well established Chinese manufacturers and may take away some of their grounds from them. This will not only put Samsung in a superposition but it’ll have control over what brands it wants to share the research with.

Furthermore, the convertible Galaxy will most probably host a brand new chipset developed by Samsung along with a completely different software experience. The custom built software will act as a bridge between the user and the true hardware of the device. The small details and innovations will certainly become a selling point of the device. Samsung also plans on having 5G technology to be accessible at a consumer level and with the S10 being the brand’s first 5G enabled device they would certainly want to carry the trend with the convertible device.

It seems that Samsung is opting for a completely different series having a flexible panel as a trademark. The new series could offer some exclusive features and appeal to a completely different audience. Samsung could also toss in some neat accessories for the device which will add even more to the cause. Given that the concept is still very new and the technology is yet to be perfected, Samsung would certainly want to keep the costs as low as possible. Generally, premium smartphones come around the $700 and upwards mark but even if they release the convertible phone at a fairly high price it will not matter as much due to no competition at all.

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