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The New 2018 iPad Pro Packs 4GB/6GB RAM – Obliterates Benchmarks

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Apple has just announced the iPad Pro earlier this week. What Apple has always been vague about at their events is the amount of RAM packed into their fleet of devices. In a recent video published by TLD, it seems like the 11-inch and 12.9-inch come with 4GB and 6GB RAM, respectively.

Naturally, Apple often differentiates their iPad options with a number of storage options and memory sizes, but it seems like Apple seems to be confident with 4GB RAM given how proprietary iOS is. With the iPad Pro, it seems like Apple doesn’t want to spare any performance when it comes to improving the speed of the iPad Pro. As suggested at their keynote, the iPad is faster than 92% of notebooks and it seems like Apple was definitely right about that, especially given that the newly introduced A12X Bionic is way faster than any mobile SoC on the market.

Image via : TLD / Johnathan Morrison

Earlier reports have suggested that the newly introduced Apple A12X Bionic SoC is just as fast as Intel’s Core i5 8400 CPU, a full-fledged, desktop grade CPU.

Geekbench results for both, the iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch seem to be lining up very well with no distinguishable difference between the two at the moment. However, given that in single-core tests that the iPad Pro scores over 5000 and scores over 18000 in multi-core tests, there’s nothing that’s even close to such a beast. For some context, that’s about twice as fast compared to any Android flagship device.

Sure, 6GB RAM may help in a few applications, but it goes to show how enticed Apple is to obliterate the notebook market, especially when it comes to raw power. Top that off with some in-house optimizations and Apple has a cherry on their hands.

Certainly Apple remains vague regarding the RAM capacity. However, there’s no doubt that the iPhone XS and iPad Pro are the ultimate example for how well Apple optimizes their devices for the masses. Given that the Apple iPad Pro is now able to run Adobe Photoshop with ease, Apple is simply implying that their dominance in power is just beginning, that too, shortly after the launch of the iPhone XS and XS Max.


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