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Verizon Tests Out Its First 5G Video Call On A Modded Moto Z3

The word 5G has been the talk of the month with a ton of companies and manufacturers working actively in providing 5G technology to consumers it seems we’ll finally be able to enjoy true 5G soon. Verizon out of all has been completely invested in the plan and has decided to make 5G technology mainstream very soon. The American IT company tested out its first ever 5G video call on a modded Moto Z3. It seems that 5G technology will make its way into the American markets soon with the 5G mod for the Moto Z3 soon available for consumers.

Samsung in its press release stated that it’s actively working to make 5G available at a more accessible level for the US and Korean markets. With this, comes the responsibility of releasing supported devices for consumers as well. We know that the latest 7nm chipsets by Qualcomm will be able to harness the technology. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be released with 5G ready straight out of the box but at this point what matters is who is going to release a compatible device first. Xiaomi has gained ground in the international space along with other Chinese manufacturers and they may release the Mi Mix 3 with 5G enabled soon.

5G technology will not only throttle portable internet connectivity but will also allow users to achieve insane speeds and be able to connect a lot more devices. Moreover, this will also promote AI technology by a significant amount. AI tend to perform better and better with internet connectivity and with 5G developers can take their capabilities to a whole new level. It seems that the smartphone markets will heat up even more with the launch of the service. Brands like Samsung and Apple are already struggling with underdogs covering most of the market but if they manage to bring out capable devices before the competition then they may very well stay ahead of them.

Apple, on the other hand, would certainly want a piece of this technology and a report by Gizbot suggests that Apple is already in talks with Intel for a 5G modem for their devices. All in all, we expect 5G tech to make an appearance for common folks in the US with the technology then expanding over the rest of the globe.

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