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DIRT 4 Is Coming To MacOS & Linux Next Year – New Studio Takes Lead For The Port

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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It has been a while since Dirt 4 first hit the market for PCs and consoles. Since then, the folks behind the game, Codemasters have been pretty quiet regarding the changes except for a few patches here and there. However, it seems like there’s some major news that’s coming out from the franchise as Dirt 4 is now coming to MacOS and Linux computers really soon.

The Dirt series from Codemasters has been an all-time classic for folks who want that incredible rally experience. The game offered and still does offer players an incredible rally-like experience throughout a number of terrains across the globe. With the latest installment, DIRT 4 making its way to PCs and consoles, Codemasters has managed to make expand the game from a startup to an incredible expansive game with the game garnering over 50 cars in total along with locations ranging from the US to the rainforests of Australia.

Contrary to what many may expect, a new studio by the name of Feral Interactive has just announced that they would be taking lead for the Linux and MacOS ports of the game. The new studio promises to deliver the port of the game to MacOS and Linux-powered computers as soon as possible. Regarding release dates, Feral Interactive hasn’t mentioned a specified date, but have promised to release the port of the game next year.

Given how well Steam has been supporting the Linux side of things, we could expect a decent experience from the game, at least in terms of performance given the hardware your PC has installed. Given that Feral Interactive’s field of expertise is in MacOS and Linux titles, it should be a pretty smooth experience overall, at least that’s what we’re hoping for.


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