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Epic Games Enables Fortnite’s 60 FPS Cap For The iPad Pro (2018)

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Earlier this week, Epic Games announced that they would be enabling the 60 FPS cap for the latest lineup of iPhones, that is, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR. With the launch of Fortnite Season 7, Epic has finally patched Fortnite to enable 60 FPS for the iPad Pro.

Following the announcement, Epic had announced that they would be enabling 60 FPS for the iPad Pro, that is, the iPad Pro that Apple unveiled back in October this year featuring the new A12X Bionic chip. Thanks to the power of these two new beasts, Apple definitely turned heads when benchmarks from the new iPhones and iPads began to roll out soon after they launched.

Geekbench Benchmark result from the 2018 iPad Pro | Image via [email protected]

News regarding the availability of the 60 FPS cap for Android devices remained vague while Qualcomm announced their next-gen flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 855, earlier this week. Whether the announcement or availability for a 60FPS cap for the Android side of devices would be affected as Epic gets their hands on the new SoC is yet to be seen. But then, given that none of the SoCs in the Android realm were able to compete with the likes of last year’s iPhones synthetically and that last-gen iPhones aren’t getting the same treatment, at least as of yet, we have a strong feeling in our gut that Epic may be planning to pass on the ordeal in favor for the new Snapdragon 855 that is set to power next-gen Android flagships.

Since Qualcomm has pretty much confirmed that Samsung would be the first manufacturer to launch their device with the Snapdragon 855, hopefully, we would be able to see Epic unlock the frame rate cap to 60 FPS when the Samsung Galaxy S10 launches next year.


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